uk summer camp for kids and teenagers bac registered
uk summer camp for kids and teenagers bac registered

British Accreditation Council (BAC)

We are delighted to announce that our specialist activity camp, XUK Excel has been accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as a Short Course Provider.

The BAC, established in 1984, have been providing a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for providers in the UK for over thirty years. The accreditation is recognised around the world by students, agents and government officials. They are committed to encouraging the highest standards, which we are very proud to say have been met at XUK Excel.

We encourage you to read the full report of our two day inspection:

XUK Excel BAC Report

Here are some of our highlights from the report:

"Policies are exceptionally detailed in scope, especially the safeguarding policy. All staff have the opportunity to contribute to policy review. Continuous training takes place on the content of the policies so that staff are up-to-date and can implement the policies well."

"Overall programme management is excellent. All academic and social activities are very well timetabled and appropriate staff are allocated."

"Trainers (XUK Staff) are very well qualified and experienced. They are supportive and friendly to the participants (XUK Campers) at all times."

"The on-going appraisal of tutors (XUK English Teachers) in extremely thorough. There are regular observations of teaching staff. There are frequent observations of lesson activities and oral and written feedback is of a high quality."

"There is an exceptional level of support provided for the participants. They have various staff they can go to in the event that they have problems."

We would like to say a huge well done to the staff team at XUK Excel!

uk summer camp for kids and teenagers bac registered