Activity Residential CampActivity Residential Camp
Discover a wide range of challenging and exciting activities. XUK multi-activities for boys and girls from 6 - 17 years old. Spend one to six weeks at XUK.
Boy on water slide
Excel Activity CampExcel Activity Camp
Specialist Summer Activity camp in the UK. Choose from Sports, Performing Arts, Water Sports & Adventure or Photography & Film Making.
Children on surf boards
Day CampDay Camp
Enjoy arts and crafts and parachute games to skipping workshops, sports activities and Mr Tickle the clown at Mini Minors
Girl running smiling
English Summer SchoolEnglish Summer School
English Summer School based near London. Learn English with our high quality lessons and activities. Unforgettable experience for international students.
  • XUK English in Español
  • XUK English in Hebrew - עברית
  • XUK English in Italiano
  • XUK English in Français
  • XUK English in 中文 - Chinese
  • XUK English in Deutsch
  • XUK English in 日本語 - Japanese
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teens at xuk having fun during the colour war
teens at xuk having fun during the colour war

XUK Residential Summer Camp Age Groups

teens at xuk having fun during the colour war

XUK Teen Camp 13-17

Teens are young adults and at XUK we treat them as such. We build a programme around the freedom and choice that is essential to giving them independence and maintaining a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

We give our teens the flexibility to customise their programme and to help tailor make their perfect week at camp.

If you’re thinking about coming to summer camp you may be reading this yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to call us, we love to chat.

Teen (13 - 17) benefits:

  • Are treated like adults
  • Later bed times
  • Take advantage of 'Opt Outs'
  • Choice Sessions
  • Movie nights
  • The option to camp out in tents

16 - 17 only:

  • Leader in Training programme (LIT)
  • Option to be unaccompanied on trips
Intermediates having fun at summer camp xuk
Intermediates having fun at summer camp xuk

XUK Inters Camp 10-13

They’ll be challenged and enthralled by activities ranging from the adrenalin-rush of a high-ropes course or quad-bike ride to the challenge of making a hilarious TV advert.. All this is underpinned by a focus on safety, security and that unbeatable, friendly, XUK atmosphere.

The Inters get...

  • A taste of some of the teen activities
  • Well supervised free time
  • 'Choice Sessions'
  • Specific activities just for their group… from swim parties to an evening spent around the camp fire
  • The option to camp out in tents
Intermediates having fun at summer camp xuk
Juniors having fun at summer camp xuk
Juniors having fun at summer camp xuk

XUK Juniors Camp 6-10

The XUK Junior Camp is about having fun and experiencing all sorts of new things in an atmosphere that feels like home. Camp helps Juniors build confidence, gain some independence, and take part in some incredible new activities. Vitally, we never lose sight of their age. Many Juniors are away from home for the first time and need support, encouragement and supervision throughout their time at XUK.

In summary, the Junior group...

  • Is cosy and friendly
  • About fun and excitement
  • Very welcoming to all children
  • A safe, relaxed environment in which to build confidence
  • Has specific activities designed for their age-group
Juniors having fun at summer camp xuk

As an older teen and someone who's never been to a camp before, going to XUK was quite frightening. However, it’s one of the best decisions I've ever made. A very welcoming, humble, fun, connected camp. I enjoyed every second!

Omar Mardini, 16