Students at XUK English summer residential Camp
Students at XUK English summer residential Camp

English Lessons

XUK English - for ages 8 to 17


  • 15 hours included tuition each week
  • Maximum class size of 12 students
  • Intensive English classes (6 hours per week)*

*supplements apply

Boys learning about London in English lessons
Boys learning about London in English lessons

Morning Lessons

At XUK English, we focus on ‘learning through doing’ and our experienced staff are passionate about delivering interesting and motivating lessons. We follow a competency-based syllabus, which reflects the Common European Framework, and encourage our teachers to use interactive activities in the classroom.

Whatever their level, each child’s English is assessed on their first day. This means that they will be able to learn with others who are at a similar stage and age group.

Every week teachers re-assess each child to see if they have made sufficient progress to move up to the next class. At the end of the course, every child receives a certificate and report to record their achievement.

On 5 mornings of the week there are 3 hours of lessons and these are split into two 90 minute sessions with different teachers. Our lessons are delivered in modern, bright classrooms and in our outdoor areas.

summer school experience day
summer school experience day

Experience Days

We round up each week with an Experience Day which gives our students the opportunity to put all of their learning into practice through an immersive, hands on day. Previous Experience Days have included:

  • 'A Trip to Hogwarts' where students have written their own newspaper articles for the ‘Daily Prophet’, used their scientific vocabulary to create spells and listened to and evaluated other students’ speeches to earn themselves a place at Hogwarts
  • 'XUK Party' where students have created games incorporating key target vocabulary, researched and presented cultural celebrations of the world and produced a program for their own unique festivities
  • ‘XUK in Space’ where students have designed a new planet creating their own language, presented and explained the written laws of their new world and campaigned to persuade other campers to make this place their new home
Student and teacher in English lessons british summer school london
Student and teacher in English lessons british summer school london

Optional Afternoon Lessons

Intensive English Lessons

Our Intensive English lessons are small discussion groups designed to help students develop their spoken fluency and listening skills. Students will receive 6 hours of Intensive English lessons each week with a class size average of 4-5 students.

Overall programme management is excellent. All academic and social activities are very well timetabled and appropriate staff are allocated.

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