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Specialist Summer Activity Camp in the UK. Choose from Sports, Creative Arts, Water & Forest Adventure or Media!
Children on surf boards at xuk summer camp in UK
dragons den evening activity team work leadership uk summer camp
dragons den evening activity team work leadership uk summer camp

Life at XUK Excel camp

XUK Excel is unique in its offering. Our focus is to provide high quality specialist activities for your children in the morning followed by a range of multi-activities for your child to choose from.

Whilst offering top of the range activities, our safe, friendly and cosy environment is always a priority. We want to make everyone at XUK Excel feel at home. This starts from the moment they wake up and continues until your child falls into an exhausted and happy sleep at the end of the day!

dragons den evening activity team work leadership uk summer camp
shared dormitory at XUK Specialist Summer Camp
shared dormitory at XUK Specialist Summer Camp


At XUK Excel we have four boarding areas. Our rooms are allocated to campers according to gender and age. We have a mixture of shared dormitories and individual rooms.

We try to mix nationalities whilst keeping friends together! Upon booking, you can request your child be put into a dorm with their friend. If your child is coming alone, do not worry - we have many campers come alone every year and we will ensure they are put in a friendly and fun dorm!

Every child has a dorm leader who they can talk to if they need anything and who will support them throughout camp!

shared dormitory at XUK Specialist Summer Camp
Rock climbing adventure specialist summer camp great britain
Rock climbing adventure specialist summer camp great britain


Safety is always our number one priority and we have a proud history of running safe camps & schools. Our staff are trained to place your child’s safety above everything else.

We have implemented our own safety system at XUK Excel specialist camp which includes the following:

  • Registering every child at least 6 times per day
  • All areas are safety checked before activities take place
  • Staff lock up every night
  • Staff undergo a rigorous training scheme before camp every year
  • Before camp, we carry out a suitability check against all staff. We use the Disclosure & Barring service (DBS) and the barred list to process these
  • We have an experienced and qualified medical team who ensure children's health and well being.

We encourage you to read our policies and procedures to give you more information. Please do contact us if you would like to talk about a specific safety issue at camp.

Rock climbing adventure specialist summer camp great britain


We encourage all children and teens to call home in the first couple of days to let you know they are safe and well, whether this is on their mobile phone or in the office.

Wi-Fi is available at XUK Excel for everyone which means you can further contact your children online. If you wish to have a regular update on your child's day to day activities, head over to our Facebook and Flickr pages during camp!

Breakfast bar at XUK Excel
Breakfast bar at XUK Excel


We promote healthy eating and choice! Following a substantial breakfast, our lunch and dinner always include:

  • A wholesome main meal
  • A vegetarian main meal option
  • A salad and pasta bar
  • Delicious pudding
  • Fresh fruit (available all day)
Breakfast bar at XUK Excel

Citizen of the Week

Every week, after a difficult decision amongst staff, one of our campers will be crowned the title "XUK Excel Citizen of the week".

A Citizen of the Week is a child that is fun, enthusiastic, helpful, understanding and importantly they must embody everything that we love about XUK Excel!

Not only will this child win the award but they will also receive one week free of charge at camp next year.

Pocket Money

Children may need pocket money to buy something whilst on one of our exciting trips - a souvenir, snack or gift!

We ensure the safety of your child's pocket money through our bank system at XUK Excel. On trip days, your child can take money out of the bank. These transactions will be monitored.