parachute games teenagers top british summer camp
parachute games teenagers top british summer camp

Travelling From Overseas?

In 2019 (pre pandemic) we had children from 67 different countries, including America, Spain, France, Italy, Russia and as far as Japan.

We understand why you are sending your child or teen to XUK. You want them to improve their English. You want them to have fun and be safe in a different country, experiencing different activities and tasting the English culture.

We have considerable experience hosting children from abroad. In the past few years we have concentrated in making XUK an international brand and this culminates in having a diverse XUK where children can meet those from different areas and backgrounds.


We understand that you are sending your children to camp to improve their English Language fluency and we try to achieve this through various means including sports / games, activities, sightseeing, social activities and EFL lessons for those that choose.

Therefore, as well as having a fun time and being safe – our intention is that your kids improve their English during their time at camp.

Our qualified English teachers on site not only teach EFL classes but also help improve English levels throughout activity time and trips.

The structure of the camp is also designed for this same goal - more specifically:

  • mixed nationality classes and activity groups
  • limits on student numbers from the same native language
  • mixed nationality bedrooms
  • all children encouraged to speak English throughout their time at camp
  • children immersing themselves in the English culture - all children can enjoy what they are doing, make the most of their time and naturally learn the language
  • mostly native - English speaking staff
  • mixing where possible with native English speaking children

We also continue to offer online English classes during the term time and the camps are a great opportunity to build upon concepts learned during the school year and put that learning into practice.

If you and your child would prefer a traditional English school XUK English is the perfect place.

Airport/Train Collection

We organise collection from many major airports and train stations in and around London. We meet your child at the arrival gate and take them to camp where we’ll do everything possible to help them settle in. On departure we take them to the appropriate airport, check them in and say goodbye at the departure gate where we can go no further!

For more information please look at our "Getting to XUK Activity" section.

XUK Summer campers during visit to London trip
XUK Summer campers during visit to London trip


Wednesday Trip

We make sure that your child makes the most of their time in England. We include a weekly trip to a different local town or City, so if they’re at camp for three weeks they’ll get to go to multiple places! Our trip is a great chance for children to have a trip off site, choose what they’d like to do for the day, and get to taste a bit more of the English Culture (and shops!).

London Trip

This optional extra, designed especially for our visitors from abroad, is a chance to see the big sites of London and a West End show. This has been amazingly popular in the past few years and is on offer to our Inters and Teens.

Staff members running an activity
Staff members running an activity

Gold Service

We know that travelling abroad can be expensive. So, we have designed a package to make XUK as affordable as possible. The 'Gold Service' is the easiest, cheapest and best way to book two weeks with all the extras. Have a look at the packages page.


Most our students do not require a VISA for their holiday with XUK.

Should you require a VISA, we have an ‘Invitation’ letter that we can scan to you. This will include details of our certification and your child’s stay. We will need to have received a scan copy of your child’s passport so we can include the relevant details. If you require, we can also courier this document to you for an additional charge.

Most students who need a VISA arrive to the UK on a Standard Visitor VISA. Feel free to consult us if you have any questions. However, we are not able to advise on the VISA application process and recommend that you consult the UK Government Website or your local UK embassy.

A big thank you to you and all the staff for a wonderful week at XUK! Our girls arrived safely at Amsterdam airport this afternoon after a great week and were very happy and full of stories.

Thanks for everything!

Ms van der Laan