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English Language Summer School based in Monmouth, UK. Learn English with XUK Camps’ proficient lessons & activities. Get exposure to English Culture!
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Children in classroom at English summer school

Summer 2021

XUK English will not be running in 2021 due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and travel restrictions. We intend to run in Summer 2022.

summer school students 9 - 17 british learn english
summer school students 9 - 17 british learn english

Life at School

There are many reasons to come to XUK English this summer...

Each week at XUK includes:

  • 15 hours of English tuition
  • Weekly trip - Oxford & Bath
  • Opportunity to visit Monmouth & go on a hike
  • Exciting Active (afternoon) English activities
  • Fun Social (evening) English activities

For an example of what our timetable looks like and what can go on in a day please have a look at our Sample Timetable.

individual en-suite bedroom xuk english summer school
individual en-suite bedroom xuk english summer school


If your child is coming to our summer school with a friend, we can usually arrange for them to share or be nearby if they are in a single room. Girls and boys sleep separately. Rooms are also divided by age so you can be sure that your child will be sharing with others of the same sex and of the same or similar age.


We want you to sleep well knowing your child is safe with us. We have an excellent safety record. The systems we have in place to ensure safety and security in our summer schools have received praise from parents, staff and visitors:

  • Each Child is registered in at least 6 times per day
  • We safety-check every area before activities are allowed to take place
  • The staff team lock up each night to ensure all areas are safe and secure.
  • Our staff undergo full training before camp starts each year.
  • All our staff under go suitability checks. We use the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and the Barred list to carry these out.
  • We have experienced and suitably qualified staff in charge of children's health and well being. They look after ill children, medicine administration, hygiene and cleanliness

If you'd like to call and chat about specific safety issues at camp please do contact us. If you have the time, please have a look at our Policies and Procedures.

students and pastoral leaders summer school uk
students and pastoral leaders summer school uk


When they arrive at summer school, each child is introduced to their Pastoral Leader, who they can talk to at any time if they need any support or advice.


We promote healthy eating at XUK English. Each meal includes:

  • Wholesome main meal
  • Vegetarian option
  • Salad/pasta bar
  • Choice of fruit
  • Tasty dessert

Our weekly menu also includes a selection of traditional British food, such as English breakfasts and a Sunday roast.

Star Student of the week at XUK English
Star Student of the week at XUK English

Star Student

Every week, our staff vote for the camper who embodies everything we love about XUK English.

The ‘Star Student’ will have worked hard, improved their English and be helpful, fun, caring and enthusiastic all week long. And you’ll love it if your child wins because we’ll invite them back to camp next year for one week free of charge!