wide spectrum of exciting activities and events basketball for junior boys uk camp
wide spectrum of exciting activities and events basketball for junior boys uk camp

Life at XUK Activity

XUK offers outstanding residential childcare, with a vast range of activities - all in a safe, friendly and cosy environment.

We want all of our campers to feel at home and to love the camp way of life.

We are registered with OFSTED and safeguarding the children in our care remains our primary responsibility.


We promote healthy eating and choice. Breakfast options include continental and traditional cooked. Lunch and dinner always include:

  • A wholesome main meal
  • A vegetarian main meal option
  • Salad/pasta bar
  • Tasty dessert
  • Fresh fruit

Our BBQs have become famous from Scotland to Spain, so we now have two per week!

Have a look at our sample menu.

uk summer camp job team
uk summer camp job team


Safety underpins everything we do. We're regulated by OFSTED who rated us 'outstanding' on their last inspection.

We do much more than just meet OFSTED's requirements. We've created our own safety system and have implemented all of the following:

  • Each child is registered in at least 6 times per day
  • We safety-check every room before any activity is allowed to take place within it
  • There is a member of staff on duty at the entrance to camp throughout the day
  • The staff team do a lock up each night to ensure all areas are safe and can not be accessed from outside
  • We risk-assess every activity that takes place at camp
  • All our staff undergo full training before camp starts each year.
  • We also offer first aid courses
  • All our staff under go suitability checks. We use the Disclosure & Barring service (DBS) and the Barred list to carry these out
  • We have experienced and suitably qualified staff in charge of childrens health and well being. They look after ill children, medicine administration, hygiene and cleanliness

We'd completely understand if you'd like to call and chat about specific safety issues at camp. If you have the time, please have a look at our Policies and Procedures.

rock painting arts and crafts activity top summer camp uk
rock painting arts and crafts activity top summer camp uk


Children at camp always have an opportunity to call home each week. If you’d like to contact your children, we have a camp phone line and email address.

Kids and teens can bring mobile phones to camp. The Juniors phones are kept in the office and are accessible during 'phoning home time'. Our inters and teens are fully responsible for their own phones and can use them during their free time.


Every camper can let us know which friends they would like to share with at the time of booking or closer to the time of camp. Do not worry if your child is coming alone, we put in a special effort to make sure we put every camper in a fun and friendly dorm with other campers of a similar age.

Pocket Money

We run an XUK bank which will look after your child’s pocket money. On a daily basis money can be signed in and out to spend on trips, buy a healthy snack or XUK merchandise!

XUK activity citizen of the week best camper
XUK activity citizen of the week best camper

Citizen of the Week

Every week, our staff vote for the camper who embodies everything we love about XUK. The ‘Citizen of the Week’ will be helpful, fun, caring and enthusiastic all week long. And you’ll love it if your child wins because we’ll invite them back to camp next year for one week free of charge!

Just wanted to let you know how DELIGHTED all the kids (from Zamora plus 1 from Madrid) were with Xkeys camp.

They had a fantastic time. In my experience, as a teacher in both UK and Spain, I think it's difficult to meet teenagers' expectations today. So I take my hat off to you and your crew. Many thanks to all the monitors, yourselves and anybody who is involved in making it work!

Ms Marsden