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Specialist Summer Activity camp in the UK. Choose from Sports, Performing Arts, Water Sports & Adventure or Photography & Film Making
Children on surf boards at xuk summer camp in UK
Whole camp having fun at XUK Excel residential camp
Whole camp having fun at XUK Excel residential camp

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Here you can find lots of useful and essential information from what clothes to bring to camp to ways to contact your child over summer.

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Whole camp having fun at XUK Excel residential camp

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Themes for 2018

Week 1: World Cup

We will be going international as we get ready for the big football final on 15th July 2018! Will your national team be crowned the winners?

Week 2: Rumble in the Jungle

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..." We'll be going on an animal safari (on camp soil)!

Week 3: Glow Party

XUK Excel will be glowing so much, rumour has it that you'll spot it from a mile away. Get ready to party with UV lights, glow sticks and florescent face paint...

Week 4: Everyday Heroes

"Hello, 999, what's your emergency?" There are lots of heroes who help us - the police, fire, ambulance and military to name a few...

Week 5: Beach Bonanza

Get ready for a crazy, beach party! There will be hula dancing and you never know, a 'mocktail' or two!

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