English Summer School

XUK English offers exceptional quality English language tuition, fun and exciting activities and engaging study trips all at a reasonable price.

overseas children having fun at XUK English
overseas children having fun at XUK English

English Language School in the UK – Lessons, Activities and Excursions

Our English Summer School for children is a residential based that enables your child to learn English in a safe environment and have lots of fun. We offer 15 hours of English lessons for international students and have the option of additional lessons to learn English if required. We also have a Social and Active English Programme that mean children consolidate their English language learning every afternoon and evening.

The best way to learn English is to live it. XUK English Summer School allows your child to do just that by absorbing the language and culture in a completely safe and friendly environment. We have developed our study holidays to help every international student improve and learn English.

For any students who study English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in their native countries we offer expert teaching and exciting activities while making new friends from around the world.

Our amazing and highly qualified staff at XUK Summer Language School
Our amazing and highly qualified staff at XUK Summer Language School

We’re unique because...

  • Our summer camps and English summer schools have been awarded the highest possible grade by OFSTED (UK National School Inspectors)
  • We have run over 300 holiday camps for kids and international students during the last 17 years
  • We only recruit experienced teaching staff, who strive to make learning English fun.

XUK is owned by brothers Richard and Nick Bernstein who are based in London. We are available to speak directly to every parent and child involved with XUK. This really is a family business in every sense. We have a simple philosophy: Children gain confidence from trying new things, achieving success and working together. To accomplish this, we mix traditional classroom tuition with other group activities that are educational and fun.

Our goal is to improve your child’s English and for them to enjoy every minute of the experience during their holiday with XUK.

At XUK English Summer School you live it, learn it and love it!

Why learn English at an English language summer school this year?

There are many reasons and benefits to attending a residential school. Whilst we help improve your child’s English, our English language summer school also offer opportunities for students to improve and develop life skills. Such life skills can include independence, social skills, teamwork, confidence, leadership skills and an increased understanding of the world.

Throughout the lessons and activity programmes, students can interact with children from all over the world. Our English language summer school has had students from over 60 different countries attend which provides an outstanding opportunity for students to learn about culture whilst developing their English. Activities further enable children to practice teamwork and social skills. Such activities include murder mysteries, quiz nights and Olympic evenings, which provide students with an opportunity to interact in English and work together to problem-solve and compete against others.

Student’s independence is enhanced as students must stay away from home. Our staff team are nurturing, friendly and provide a family orientated atmosphere to enable our students to thrive within the setting. The staff team support children in developing their English and life skills and are always around if our students have any issues or worries.

XUK English does not only help your children with their English but teaches them vital lessons in life.