Mini Minors & XUK Day camps for kids in London

Mini Minors (3 - 6) & XUK Day (7 - 12) are fun & friendly, providing the perfect environment for children to thrive doing activities they love!

xuk kids camp london
xuk kids camp london

XUK kids camp aims to give every child such a fantastic experience they can't wait to come back next holidays. We're here to keep kids safe, active, happy and entertained in the Easter and Summer holidays. Our standard hours are from 09:15 to 15:15, enough time for campers to want more and be keen to come back the next day.

We combine dedicated and nurturing staff teams, a fantastic facility and high quality procedures We are Committed to offering the best kids camp in London. We do everything with care, enthusiasm, professionalism and fun and our aim is to give each individual child such a fantastic experience they can’t wait to come back to XUK!

As you, as a parent or carer, would expect, Safeguarding the welfare of our children is XUK's main duty. In order to keep your child safe and for your peace of mind, XUK:

  • Has a Designated Safeguarding Lead and supporting deputy. They are specially trained by external agencies to deal with safeguarding issues.
  • Trains all our kids camp staff in safeguarding and child protection
  • Refers any worries about a particular child to the local Safeguarding Board who advise us on next steps.
  • Encourages parents to discuss any matter concerning their child with a member of the team.

Activities at Mini Minors and XUK Day kids camp vary according to age so they are appropriate for every camper in our care. We aim to balance each day with different types of activity so children can spend time doing a wide variety of pursuits and leave the day satisfied they have achieved something. Our older group – 7-12s – model their day according to preferences. So, each session they get a wide range of choices and can go with the activity and staff member they prefer most.

If you wish to book XUK kids camp please feel free to complete a booking form or contact us.