Meet the XUK team

Richard Bernstein is a director of XUK Camps
Richard Bernstein is a director of XUK Camps

Richard Bernstein - Director

What Richard does at XUK:
Richard started working at a local camp when he was at school. At 19, after training as a manager at Marks and Spencer, he wanted to run his own company and make a difference.

Richard believed passionately in kids getting the most out of their childhood and wanted all children to get the opportunities he did when he was young. At this point he decided to start Cross Keys, a camp that children adore because they can focus on their passions in a cosy, friendly and safe environment.

Richard works in our office all year round, planning camps, developing booking systems, recruiting staff, and manages XUK, our residential camp.

What Richard does in his spare time:
When he is not working, Richard spends as much time as he can with his wife Emma and 2 daughters (Charlotte and Millie). Richard loves his golf and loves playing, especially with his 3 brothers and father whenever he can!

Favourite activity at XUK:
Raft Building

Richard's view:
"I consider myself very lucky. I work with fantastic people to make a real difference to children’s leisure time. When I was a boy I was fortunate enough to play lots of sport and always get involved in drama activities at school. I want all children to get the same opportunities I had, embrace activities and forge new friendships."

Nick Bernstein
Nick Bernstein

Nick Bernstein - Director

What Nick does at XUK:
Nick studied Japanese and Psychology at Durham University before training to become a chartered accountant. Nick concentrates on managing relationships with schools & parents. Nick looks after the day camps.

What Nick does in his spare time:
When not in the office, Nick loves spending time with his wife Karen, 3 daughters (Sophie, Kate & Laura) and son - James. Like Richard, Nick is also completely golf-mad, enjoys playing when he gets the chance, though spends more hours talking about golf than he does playing the game.

Favourite activity at XUK:
Mr Tickle the Clown (this is actually Sophie’s favourite activity)

Nick's view:
"I love the fact that all our hard work culminates in children having great experiences at our camps. We attract youngsters and teens from all round the local area for our day camps, and as far as Australia for XUK, our UK based residential camp.

If I can help be a positive influence on these children at the same time as working with my brother then that is a perfect working environment!"

Annie Spokes
Annie Spokes

Annie Spokes - Office Manager

What Annie does at XUK:
Annie works in the office throughout the year and is mostly involved in much of the administration XUK needs. Annie also helps with marketing, talks to parents, oversees the equipment for the camps and spreads the word about XUK!

What Annie does in her spare time:
Annie loves to explore different parts of the UK, dabbles in a bit of cooking and attempts a bit of exercise every now and again!

Favourite activity at XUK:
Evening activities – Annie loves that all activity groups come together – from murder mysteries to scavenger hunts! It’s such a great atmosphere!

Peter Northcroft works at XUK camps
Peter Northcroft works at XUK camps

Peter Northcroft - Regulation & Staffing Manager

What Peter does at XUK:

Peter has worked on and off at our camps for 18 years! He has taught Classics for 15 years and currently oversees the regulation and staffing at XUK. Amongst other things, Peter helps to develop our policies and procedures and organise the recruitment and training of our staff.

What Peter does in his spare time:

Peter enjoys running short and walking long distances, refereeing rugby matches (now his playing days are a distant memory), off-piste skiing, challenges for charity and naturally spending time with his wonderful family.

Favourite activity at XUK:

Talent shows – A time where children and staff can be whoever they want to be. Peter has a special act (called Boris) at the talent show so do ask him about it, if you dare!

Reece Nichol works at XUK Camps
Reece Nichol works at XUK Camps

Reece Nichol - Operations Manager

What Reece does at XUK:

Reece works in our office throughout the year and looks after much of our Logistics, including transport, equipment and the amazing timetables we have at the camps! Reece also looks after our social media channels to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of XUK!

What Reece does in his spare time:
Reece loves skiing and as a qualified instructor, spends as much time on the slopes as he can. Reece loves being with friends, socialising and creating memories.

Favourite activity at XUK:
Aqua Park - "I love every minute of this trip when all staff and campers get to jump, swim, climb and challenge themselves! I try and go every time this is on!"