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Enjoy arts and crafts and parachute games to skipping workshops, sports activities and Mr Tickle the clown at Mini Minors
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children are in a group?

It varies from week to week! We usually have around 24 children in our 3-4's and 5-6's. In our 7-13's group, the group sizes vary depending on the nature of the activity but will always be within our required ratios.

What are your ratios?

We aim to have a 1:8 ratio in our 3 - 4's and 5 - 6's groups. The ratio in the 7 - 13's group is usually 1:8.

This can vary throughout the day but we always comply with legal requirements.

Do you provide lunch and snacks?

No, if your child is doing a full day, they will need to bring a mid morning snack, packed lunch and a named water bottle. Children who are doing half days need to bring a mid morning snack and a named water bottle.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel a booking for any reason, you must do so at the earliest opportunity. Please see terms & conditions for further details and charges.

How are your staff recruited?

Our staff complete a lengthy and thorough application form before being invited to one of our structured, four-hour interviews.

During the interviews, they complete a range of tasks individually and in a team. They also demonstrate their skills at running an activity. Positions are then offered based on a successful interview, clear DBS check and references.

My child has a friend coming to camp too, can they be in the same group?

Please let us know your child's friends name at the earliest opportunity. We always try our hardest to put children with their friend requests, but cannot guarantee that it is always possible.

How do I know what my child will be doing each day?

On your child's first day of the week, their group leader will give you the groups timetable for the week.

These activities will be subject to change.

Does my child have to attend for a whole week?

The majority of our campers attend for the whole week. We have a set number of individual day bookings available each week.

How many lifeguards will be present during the fun swim sessions?

We have two lifeguards for the fun swim sessions as well as additional room staff who watch from the side. Please note that the lifeguards do not enter the pool unless assistance is required.

My child can swim, do they still need to wear armbands during fun swims?

All children in the 5 - 6 age group must wear armbands. This is because we want to maximise the water time. Assessing each child reduces this. We will always explain to children that our absolute priority is safety. We fully appreciate it can be frustrating for some 5 and 6 year old children who can swim to wear armbands – but we are happy that this system works best for the session as a whole and is consistent with our values.

If the lifeguards deem it necessary, some children aged 7 and over will also need to wear them. We will provide the armbands.