Great feedback for xuk summer holiday camps
Great feedback for xuk summer holiday camps


We are so proud of the feedback we receive every year from our campers and their families!

XUK Activity

"Just a quick word to let you know that Lucia was particularly enthusiastic about her stay at XUK. She had a marvellous time. As always, the organisation and handling were extremely professional So thanks a million this year again for everything - simply great to see she had such a good time at the camp and could make loads of new friends." Carston, 2019

"We wanted to say a big thank you to you and all the staff at XUK for all your hard work at making it such a nurturing and personal summer camp. We collected Emma this morning after two weeks with you and there were no tears, in fact she seemed reluctant to leave. She told us all about what she had been doing and all the new and old friends she spent fun time with. She's been telling us all about the activities (zorbing, rifles, pool party, discos, raft building, friendship bracelet making), the food, the dorm, the other girls, the staff. Thank you for making sure she felt safe and had so much fun - it makes it such a guilt free experience to leave her with you!" Sarah, 2019

"It's been a few days since our daughters came back from camp. They thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great time the entire week. The best part was all the people they met from many different backgrounds. They learned more than just English during the week. Our sincere thanks to the entire staff for organising such a great camp and for keeping everyone safe!" Ingeborg & Rudi

"He was excited about the whole week he spent with you, your teams and the children he met. He was amazed and thrilled by all the activities he engaged in. To name a few, he loved the fire making, the walks in the forest, the boat he made on a piece of wood and ropes... And he of course really enjoyed the disco. Everything seemed extremely well organized and the children well taken care of with constructive and structured guidelines on how the children should behave and organize themselves. Congratulations! He first words: looking forwards to go back!" Virginie

"Thank you very much, you did just perfectly, I really appreciate that you wrote to me about Nadia. I am sure she is very happy there. I am so happy my daughter had the opportunity to enjoy such a nice summer in your camp. I would like to thank the whole of XUK's staff and team for the great job and amazing activities!" Ana

"I just wanted to say that they had a great time at camp and thank you for this wonderful time! My daughter made lots of friends from Italy, Spain, France and even Saudi Arabia and she is in touch with them on WhatsApp. She even met a friend from her first year grade whom she was not in touch with as we moved from there– it was such a coincidence – such a small world. All these friends that she met made her have a great time! She was very happy at XUK.

My son also had a great time (even though he wanted to leave in the beginning) and this is thanks to your efforts to make him feel welcome and your creative ideas of how to integrate him. He made friends from Italy, France and Belgium and had a great time. He is also in touch with them.

I must say that both loved the trips to Norwich and St. Edmunds and also the Karting and Kayaking .I want to praise the fact that you were always available for any questions and always responded immediately to any problem that came up – even on weekends and I really appreciate this. I think that this demonstrates how professional your camp is - how very well organised it is and how seriously you treat any issue that arises. Thank you again for all your efforts!" Calanit

"David has just completed your questionnaire, so be aware that all the excellent ratings come directly from him. As is now a tradition at home, I avail myself the opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful time you have given David during this summer stay at XUK." Jose

"I was a little worried about him going to camp for the first time at 16 yrs, as I felt the majority of children would have already experienced a summer camp and therefore as an older child that he might have felt uncomfortable. Instead, a confident and happy teen returned who was sad it was only one week and is already lamenting the fact that next year will be his last year.

He had fun and enjoyed all aspects of the camp. I even found a few photos of him on XUK Flicker. I'll definitely be in touch next year and hope to send him for 2 or 3 weeks next summer. Thanks again to all the staff. Great job!" Jennifer

XUK Excel

"We hope to send a fuller feedback to you and the team on the week that they had but in the meantime - "life changing". They had the most amazing week - enjoyed their time and made friends in a way that has surprised both my wife and I. Thank you to you and all the team for providing the most inclusive atmosphere and for treating them so well. Their leaving faces were brave but they were masking the desperate disappointment of having to leave before their friends. I know memories will fade but there are some really solid friendships that have been forged in those oh-too-short days. Thank you once more and we look forward to booking them in for next year." Richard, 2019

"This is the second summer our daughter went to the XUK camp, and she had the best time ever on both occasions. The camp is very well organized and supervised, with varied, high quality, wholesome and fun activities thought out and led by the people who are young at heart and can relate to the campers and cater to their interests. I have full confidence in our daughter's safety and happiness while at the XUK camps and she is already planning the next visit." Inna, 2019

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care you provided the boys during their stay at the XUK Excel camp. All had a fantastic time and are already looking forward to going next year. They were very sad to come back home, and are missing all their friends already." Julie

"My 12 year old son (Italian) was at XUK Excel for two weeks. Fantastic! I recommend it to everyone. The bedrooms are new and comfortable. Very good food. Activities in the morning really beautiful and fun. Many animators deal with children perfectly; there is even a medical team. There are children who come from all over the world. My son ended his vacation really very happy. Thank you!" Cristina

"I have been meaning to write to you for the last 2 weeks... I wanted to thank you for despite a difficult beginning, my son, really enjoyed himself with you this summer. And I hope my few inquiries were not too much of an inconvenience! He talks a lot about it, improved his English, and it was good for him and for me too actually, to spend some time without his family.

I know it was also a big responsibility to take care of a child with multiple allergies, so I thank you all the more for that.I know his best friend was also very pleased with his stay in Wales.So thanks again for everything!" Isabelle

"What is the best thing about XUK Excel?

Very nice location, very nice facilities, very friendly staff who care about the children, variety of activities, professional and friendly group leaders and instructors, safe environment, very well structured camp, rules to follow so that the kids have a nice stay, dedicated to have the best experience, children from around the world, English speaking summer camp, easy to make friends." Mr Lhermitte

"Super staff, fun activities, excellent organisation... this camp was without a doubt the best camp my son has attended over the past 7 years!" Helen

"You should be proud of the business you run and the impact it has upon children , you have pitched your ethos perfectly and are as good for catering for the needs of children as for parents." Mrs Prescott

XUK English

"I would like to thank you for the great time my daughter had. She came back safely yesterday evening to Paris by train and told me that she enjoyed a lot her stay. She also said that she feels that she improved her English to a great extend, which was our objective. Thank you again to you and all the staff and teachers who took care of her." Pascale, 2019

"My wife and I wanted to warmly thank you for the fantastic memories you gave to our children! They already look forward to joining the 2020 session.Thanks again to the whole terrific staff team and congratulations for all you do for kids." Jean-Francois, 2019

"I just wanted to thank you for your extraordinary support during her time at XUK English. I would also like to take a minute to congratulate you and your team of course for the work you do with our kids. She returned very happy from XUK English. She is telling us “is the best camp I have ever been”, She has learned, enjoyed and met fantastic new people from different cultures so she is impressed. She enjoyed everything you offered. The school, rooms, room mates, activities, English lessons, trips, the monitors, food, the environment, everything, she is still talking about her experience! And she would have been there for one or two more weeks!!. I hope to see you next year!!" Jorge

"The site in Ipswich is excellent! The staff were very professional and the students looked very relaxed and looked after. Totally impressed with student, staff ratio!" Roberto

"Jonas had an awesome time at XUK, just as his brothers did a few years ago, and he is already wanting to go next year. All the staff were great, especially Aoife who was so sweet and took extra care of him, because he was having a few days with a bad headache and feeling miserable. At that time, we were on a business trip, and it was very reassuring for us that we knew that somebody was taking so well care of him. What was always really nice, is that she took her time to send several and detailed mails about how he was getting on the days that he was not well. Will you please let her know that we are grateful." Lina

"We have been visiting XUK English for a long time, since the very beginning of the operation of the camp. Unique lessons, combination of fun and learning new materials make them the best part of the day for campers. Activities are amazing. However, the best thing about the camp is definitely XUK Staff. These people, from different regions and countries make integration of campers more smooth and fun. Young, ambitious and very friendly staff members make the whole camp the place we can trust our children to go to. Keep it up!"

"Alba had a fantastic time. She enjoyed herself a lot, made new friends, met people from all over the world and at the same time she improved her English." Mrs Perez

"What I loved about XUK English? Everything! I loved the trips, I loved horse-riding, I loved the funny staff that made you feel better when you were sad, I loved the fact that there was free time and I loved the activities!" Federica

Mini Minors & XUK Day

Hi all I just wanted to say thank you to you all. Both my daughters had the most wonderful two weeks at mini minors/xuk. Your staff have been amazing and have made them feel so special. The activities have been exciting, the topics interesting and the range of things you've been able to organise in much less time than you usually would have had to plan has been amazing. The organisation has also been phenomenal- everyone knows where they're going and when and that sort of thing fills me and other parents with confidence. You've been THE highlight of the last 6 months and we truly appreciate your hard work. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you next year! Karen, 2020

"Dear Nick and team,Wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for the best and most normal three weeks my son has had since lockdown started. I am sure many parents have and will express similar feelings! Despite the circumstances and constraints your team ran a welcoming, engaging and 100% fun camp. My son loved it and needed it after everything he has missed this year. I can see the positive difference in his mood and his behaviour after the time spent with you all. I cannot thank you enough.Warmest regards" Anon, 2020

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great week. The camp was so professionally run- on the first day the class leader knew about his medical issue and there were no issues all week which is pretty unheard of! A special thanks to his class leader who was on the arrivals desk and was always so welcoming and helpful. He is petrified of swimming and I couldn’t believe it when he went swimming on camp!" Emma, 2019

"I just wanted to write to say thank you as my daughter has had a fantastic couple of weeks at camp. This is her third visit after last summer and this Easter and she has loved every minute. She will definitely be back for more fun next year. Thanks for providing a great variety of activities all led brilliantly by great leaders. We are lucky to have such a great camp a few minutes drive away!" Natalie

"Both my girls 3 & 5 went this Easter. My 5 year old has been for the last two years in Summer. They were always the first children by the gate clambering to get in and hug Lionel on the way in (and out!). They both had a fantastic time, the range of activities is age appropriate, fun and engaging. They went to sleep each night wanting to check that they were going to camp the next day! Helpful and friendly staff, well organised and efficient. I can’t recommend mini minors highly enough!" Daniella

"This summer my daughter, was enrolled in Mini Minors. You passed along a questionnaire to my wife, that I just completed, but I also wanted to send along a note to express how happy were were with Mini Minors. Our daughter adored it. She had a fabulous time, and it has set her off on an art-making spree that has continued since she left camp. It was also fantastic for Americans, who travel to London fairly regularly but still struggle to find high-quality reliable childcare, to discover Mini Minors. Thank you to everyone!" James

"Thanks again to you and the whole team for this summer - Ariel had such a great time during his two weeks at mini minors and is still talking about it!" Vanessa

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for a great 4 weeks at camp. Zach had the best time and everyone was so patient and lovely to him. I will definitely be sending him every time Mini Minors is running." Tayna