Richard and Nick Bernstein are the Founders and Directors of XUK
Richard and Nick Bernstein are the Founders and Directors of XUK

The XUK Philosophy

A family business with family values

Brothers, Richard and Nick are the Founders and Directors of XUK. which is, and will always be a family business. At XUK, offering outstanding childcare safely and compassionately and having a friendly, cosy & fun atmosphere will always be our first priority! Richard and Nick run XUK based on simple family values and are dedicated to sticking to their 5 basic principles:

  1. Make the children feel at home
  2. Never lose our cosy atmosphere
  3. Ensure everyone has fun
  4. Make life as easy as possible for the parents
  5. Safety will always underpin everything we do

Richard talks about XUK's philosophies...

Nick and I come from a family that places huge importance on taking part. As children, our parents always encouraged us to take part in activities. We loved nothing more than to go to the park with our 2 other brothers and parents and play football.

We both feel that the decline in numbers of children taking part in out of school activities such as sport and drama means that they are spending less time in each others company.

There is a trend towards children being less sociable and more reliant on their home computer! This is something that we want to change. We want to show children that it is good to take part. You do not need to be the best to enjoy playing a sport, getting involved in drama or creating an art piece. All these activities give an opportunity for children to get out the house and converse with other children and adults.

Happy camper
Happy camper

We see our organisation as one that sets the standard for customer care. Every parent who calls us deserves the very highest level of service and to be filled with such confidence they will end the conversation happy to entrust unto us their child. We aim to show every parent that with us, they will always find us friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

The last principle underpins everything we do. It is vital to us that every child, goes home at the end of their stay with us fit and healthy. We all know that children have accidents. But we have a duty of care to make the environment they are in as safe as possible and there is no other duty we care more about then this.

This is just a short note to say thank you for giving Samantha a great week!

She has had an amazing time and is always smiley and chatty when I pick her up. She skips in without a fuss and is eager to show me all the activities on offer. I have noticed that she has developed her social skills and is more prepared to try new things. I am sure that this is all credit to you.

The atmosphere is caring and warm and a lot of thought has gone into every activity. The week has definitely given her a good basis for starting 'real' school in September.

With fondest regards and many thanks!

Mrs Cass