Frequently Asked Questions

online english lessons teachers learning

How are your staff recruited?

online english lessons teachers learning

We only use the best staff that are qualified and experienced and have followed our recruitment procedure. Most have worked at our camps before.

Our teachers send in an application form and are then invited to a rigorous interview.

Positions are then offered based on a successful interview, clear DBS check and references.

We also constantly monitor the performance of our staff and ensure they are meeting your standards as well as ours.

What Software do you use?

Lessons and activities are currently taking place on Zoom. We use new meetings for each set of lessons and all have unique passwords.

What if I need to rearrange a lesson?

Individual lessons can be rescheduled with 48 hours’ notice.

Group lessons cannot be cancelled – once you have signed up for the month, you can attend as many of the 12 lessons as you choose (we understand that many families will not make it to every lesson – and this is reflected in the price).

Can you help me prepare for exams?

Yes, our teachers have a lot of experience preparing for EFL exams and can work towards a specific goal, whether it be exam preparation or other goals as specified by you, your child or school.

Can you help me with specific topics in English?

Absolutely – we will try and find the teacher with the most relevant / suitable experience. If there is something we can't do we will always tell you.

What if my friend wants to book?

We offer a referral credit for every family that books the online lessons from your referral. It is a one-off £30 for each successful introduction (who books!).

What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have started your lessons, you are not able to cancel. If you are not satisfied with your teacher (for private lessons) XUK will find an alternative teacher and if this is not possible, will refund your payment.

Do you have to be experienced to join Bake and Chat?

No – as long as you have supervision from an adult and suitable kitchen equipment then you do not require any experience! Richard and his team will help you all along the way and help you create something to be proud of.

Teachers are well qualified and plan lessons and activities very well.The ongoing assessment of participants' progress is thorough and developmental.

British Accreditation Council