Rules – The XUK Way

To keep all campers safe, happy and healthy there are some rules. All campers must follow ‘The XUK Way’…

Campers must follow the rules, guidance and expectations as set by the XUK staff and literature.

  • *No cigarettes, e-cigarettes, alcohol or drugs**. Campers must not be in possession or using these items during their stay at XUK.
  • Abuse of legal substances / objects is strictly banned
  • No bullying. This includes, but not limited to: physical abuse, name calling, harassment, excluding other campers and racist or offensive comments.
  • No violent behaviour. This includes, but not limited to: hitting, punching, kicking and spitting.
  • No sexual activity or taking and/or distributing inappropriate images.
  • No swearing in any language.
  • No damaging, vandalising or misusing camp property, school property or furniture.
  • Do not be rude or disruptive.
  • No mobile phone or electronic device usage during activities, lessons, meetings and mealtimes.
  • Campers must not maliciously trigger fire alarms.
  • Campers given medi bands to help identify allergies / medical conditions must not take them off at any time.


  • Do not run inside.
  • Boys must not go into girls dormitories. Girls must not go into boys dormitories.
  • Campers are not allowed to enter ‘Out of Bounds’ areas on camp and must not go into the woods unsupervised.
  • Leaving camp without permission is not allowed.
  • We discourage nut products being brought onto our sites.
  • Campers must not talk to strangers on or off site.
  • Speak to a member of staff if you have any worries – we are here to help you.
  • Campers must dress appropriately for all activities.
  • Campers must follow evacuation procedures (such as in a fire).


  • Children must be healthy to attend camp and all needs must be declared to XUK before camp starts via the health form
  • At the start of camp, Children must be free of nits and finger nails must not be sharp
  • Campers should be able to look after their own personal hygiene (e.g. independant showering, toilet use and teeth brushing) to reduce the risk of illness to themselves and others.
  • Keep toilets, baths, basins and showers clean and tidy before and after use.
  • Dormitories need to be kept clean and tidy with a clear floor.
  • All litter must be placed into a bin.
  • Do not bring chewing gum onto camp.

Please note that if certain camp rules (in bold) are broken or others continually broken, campers could automatically be sent home. Company directors are able to use discretion if and when they see fit and their decisions are final.

*All campers will have the opportunity to hand in any cigarettes, e-cigarettes, alcohol or drugs in their possession during an amnesty on their arrival day.

**Drugs include banned substances and authorised medication that must be kept in the Health Centre.

Xkeys Ltd (XUK) rules reviewed June 2022