Day Camp Rules & Expectations

We have 10 rules that everyone must follow.

1. At XUK we:

  • require campers and parents to follow the rules, guidance and expectations as set by XUK
  • treat other people as we would like to be treated
  • share
  • are honest
  • are polite
  • listen to and respect each other and the facilities
  • are kind and helpful
  • are co-operative
  • do not run inside
  • do not chew gum

2. Any property should not be damaged, vandalised or misused.

3. No fighting, name calling, swearing, bullying, or offensive comments.

4. Sexual activity is not allowed.

5. No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or e-cigarettes.

6. Children must be healthy with all needs declared on the Health Form beforehand.

7. Children must be free of nits and finger nails must not be sharp.

8. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children are dressed appropriately and have suitable footwear.

9. Children must be able to look after their own personal hygiene (inc. independent toilet use).

10. Phones or electronic devices brought onto site must be declared to staff who will store them until the end of the day.

Any infringement of the rules could lead to your child being sent home. The directors can use discretion when they see fit.

Xkeys Ltd (XUK) rules reviewed September 2022