Day Camp Rules

At our day camps, we look after children aged 3 – 13, and we want everyone to have fun! In order to keep campers safe, happy and healthy we have 7 rules that everyone must follow.

1. All children follow the XUK Way….

At XUK we:

  • treat other people as we would like to be treated
  • share
  • are honest
  • are polite
  • listen to and respect each other and the facilities
  • are kind and helpful
  • dress appropriately
  • are co-operative
  • do not run inside
  • do not chew gum

2. Camp property, school property and furniture should not be damaged, vandalised or misused.

3. No fighting, name calling, swearing, bullying, or offensive comments.

4. Sexual activity is not allowed.

5. No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or E cigarettes allowed on camp.

6. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children are dressed appropriately, have suitable footwear, are nit free and their finger nails are not sharp.

7. Children should be able to look after their own personal hygiene (e.g. toilet use) to reduce the risk of illness to themselves and others.

Any infringement of the rules could lead to your child being sent home. Company directors are able to use discretion if and where they see fit.

Xkeys Ltd (XUK) rules reviewed October 2017.