A typical day at XUK English Summer School

Below illustrates a typical day at XUK English. Please also have a look our activities page which has a sample timetable for XUK English.

08:00 - Wake up

Each morning your dorm leader will come and wake you up. You'll have time to shower and get your things ready for a day of English lessons and activities!

08:30 - Breakfast

Join your friends in the dining hall for breakfast - a traditional English, fruit, yogurt or cereal. What will you choose?

9:00 - Morning Meeting

A morning meeting to find out about the day ahead and catch up on team points.

9:30 - English Lessons

Let's begin the first lesson of the day! Will be we learning new vocabulary through games or focusing on grammar through role play? Our English lessons are fun and interactive!

11:00 - Break

Our brains are full of English from the first lessons of the day...

During our break, we can head to the common room. There is time for a game of chess or table tennis and an opportunity to relax with our friends before our next English lesson.

11:30 English Lessons

More fun is lined up with our other English teacher... We will be working on our writing, creating magazine articles!

13:00 - Lunch

We need to refuel and relax ready for our afternoon of Active English... get ready for an exciting range of activities!

14:00 Activities

You'll have the chance to pick what you want to do from Football to Swimming and Cookery to Street Dance - what are you going to pick?

15:15 - Break

One activity down, one to go! After a rest in the common rooms, it's time to pick another activity!

15:45 - Activities

For the second activity of the day we have Basketball, Hiking, Yoga and Tie Dying on offer - which activity will you pick?

17:00 - Free Time & Dinner

English lessons... CHECK

Activities... CHECK

The day isn't over yet, we give our students time to relax, phone home and catch up with their friends before dinner.

19:30 - Evening Activities

Our famous evening activities will be the perfect end to your day... Will it be a Murder Mystery or a Casino Night?

22:00 - Bedtime

As the day draws to an end, head back to your dorm to relax, read a book and get some sleep ready for the day ahead.