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Children in classroom at English summer school

Summer 2021

XUK English will not be running in 2021 due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and travel restrictions. We intend to run in Summer 2022.

delicious healthy food monmouth school for boys
delicious healthy food monmouth school for boys

XUK English Summer School Food

At all of our camps we promote healthy living through our timetables of activities. At XUK English children spend up to 15 hours a week studying and learning English, and so it is important that they have a balanced and varied diet to aid their concentration and focus.

In the afternoons children will participate in more physical activities, including sports, so it is key to offer food that will provide children with long lasting energy.

We strive to offer a wide selection of food and promote healthy eating. Lunch and dinner will include:

  • A nutritious main meal
  • A vegetarian option
  • Salad/pasta bar
  • Fresh fruit
  • Tasty dessert

Meal times at XUK English are a great way for children to socialise, mix nationalities and to improve on their conversational English language skills that they are learning. It also gives them a chance to refresh after a busy session.

Dietary Requirements

It is important to us to cater to the individual and so we work hard to ensure that children with special dietary requirements or allergies have the same high quality food as everyone else. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements when booking so we can accommodate these throughout the summer.

Sample Menu









Full English breakfast



Poached eggs



Full English breakfast

Breakfast everyday options

There is always a selection of cereals, toast with a selection of spreads, porridge and a selection of fruit pots.
Drinks: Water, milk and fruit juices.



Jacket potato


Fish Fingers

Chicken Burgers

Fish & Chips

Beef in Black Bean

All of the above have accompaniments.

Lunch everyday options

There is always a salad bar, bread and a selection of fruit available.
Drinks: Water and squash


Dessert: Cheesecake

Southern fried chicken
Dessert: Doughnuts

Chicken chow mein
Dessert: Apple crumble

Moroccan Thighs

Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Dessert: Fruit salad

Thai fish cakes
Dessert: Rice puddings

Roast Beef
Dessert: Muffins

All of the above have accompaniments.

Dinner everyday options

There is always a salad bar, bread and a selection of fruit available.
Drinks: Water and squash

Vegetarian dinner options



Veggie Chow Mein


Veggie Burgers

Thai veggie cakes

Nut loaf roast

This is a sample menu at XUK English and is subject to change