Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp Essential Information

Drop off & Collection times

  • The day starts at 09:15 with a staggered drop off between 09:00 & 09:30
  • Half days end at 12:15
  • Full days end at 15:15 with staggered pick up between 15:00 & 15:30

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, please let us know if your child is going home with someone else. No child can leave with someone who is not authorised.

Settling in

We strive to make campers feel welcome and comfortable as quickly as possible, and are happy for you to stay with your child until you feel comfortable! We are mindful that each child is different and will do everything that we can to help them to thrive.

We have put together a short questionnaire to help us learn more about your child and would really appreciate it if you could fill this in and bring it along to camp. Feel free to email us the completed form if you'd prefer.


Please read our code of conduct for parking at camp.

For the children’s safety Brookland School is closed to cars.

The best place to park is on Hill Top. Please respect the local residents and don’t park across drives, on traffic cones, on unauthorised spots or on the pavement. Please note that we understand that the Council CCTV cameras outside the school are still operational during the school holidays and may penalise any parking infringements

Parking & access are NOT available at Christ’s College School. Please only access through the main entrance at Hill Top.

Useful phone numbers

  • If you need to contact us urgently during camp only, please call us on 07751 772 824.
  • For questions about bookings or payment details please call 020 8371 9686

Child music at Mini Minors summer holiday camp
Child music at Mini Minors summer holiday camp

Things to bring to camp


Camp is fun and fun can be messy. We suggest your child/ren wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can get dirty.

We also strongly recommend that your child/ren bring a sun hat and long sleeves to camp as they will be spending time outside. A coat that will protect them from the British weather may also come in handy!

Not having appropriate clothing could mean that your child/ren will not be able to spend time outside.

Please make sure your child/ren take home everything they arrived with. If you are missing anything let us know as soon as possible and keep checking our lost property.


If your child is on prescribed medication, please give yourself extra time on your first morning as you'll be required to bring the labelled medication to the Mini Minors office (next to the infant hall).

We reserve the right not to administer certain medications and encourage parents / carers only to bring emergency medication (e.g. Epipens & Inhalers) to camp.

Any medication brought to camp must be logged correctly, so we do need to check the details you have provided. It will help hugely if you do that on your online account before you attend camp.


Please view the full cancellation policy on our terms and conditions which state that refunds will not be given for places cancelled within 2 weeks of the start of the booking. All cancellations incur a charge.

Mid-Morning Snack

Please pack a healthy snack to keep the campers going through to lunch.

Mini Minors is not a nut free zone but we respectfully ask you not to pack nut products (including Nutella, Bamba Snacks, Hummus and Nakd & Kind bars) as we do have children with nut allergies.

Please do not pack glass bottles for drinks.


If your child/ren are coming along for a full day please bring along a nut free packed lunch, avoiding pesto, Nutella etc.

Some read our handy food suggestions for packed lunches at camp.

Boys playing cricket at UK Day Camp
Boys playing cricket at UK Day Camp

Please note...

Our Rules and Regulations

It is vital that all of our day campers are aware of the rules at Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp. These are in place to ensure that every child is happy, safe and healthy during their time in our care. Please go through the rules with your child before camp begins.

We also have a set of policies and procedures, which comply with Ofsted regulations. If you’d like to see them, please ask a member of staff or visit our forms and resources.

For more information please visit our OFSTED page.


If you have a complaint of any kind, please speak to a member of staff who’ll take you to the appropriate manager.


We’ll do all we can to put children with their stated friends but please note this cannot be guaranteed.


We want to make sure our camps are healthy places so that everyone there can have maximum fun. Please do not bring your child to camp if they are ill or have any risk of having an infectious/catching disease.

If your child has returned from camp with head lice or chickenpox please let us know as soon as possible.

No smoking

Mini Minors & XUK Day is strictly a non-smoking camp. We ask all parents to respect this policy

Climbing Frames

We ask parents and carers not to allow children to climb on the climbing frames before and after camp. The equipment is not supervised at these times.


Our lates session runs from 15:15 to 16:15. It does not run on the last day of each week.