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Discover a wide range of challenging and exciting activities. XUK multi-activities for boys and girls from 7 - 17 years old. Spend one to six weeks at XUK Activity.
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XUK Camp Food

At our camps we promote healthy and diverse living through a timetable of high energy and interactive activities including sports, drama and climbing, among many others. All activities require a certain amount of physical and mental vitality, so it is important that our healthy lifestyle approach extends across camp with a focus on the food that we offer.

Healthy Eating

We promote healthy eating and variety by offering a wide selection of food. Our breakfast options include continental and traditional cooked. Lunch and dinner always include:

  • A wholesome main meal
  • A vegetarian main meal option
  • Salad/pasta bar
  • Tasty dessert
  • Fresh fruit

As well as nutrition and sustenance, meal times are a way of socialising and recuperate after a busy session. Our BBQ’s have also become a firm favourite with our campers and staff which, weather permitting, allow for some alfresco dining.

Dietary requirements

Catering to individual needs is important to us, and so we will work to ensure children with food allergies and other dietary needs get the same quality food as everyone else. If you just mention any special dietary requirements when booking we can accommodate these throughout the summer.

Sample XUK Activity Menu









Belgium Waffles

Sausage and eggs


Spaghetti hoops on toast

Chocolate croissants

Bacon Rolls

Sausages and eggs

All of the above have accompaniments.

Breakfast everyday options

Plus a selection of cereals, white & wholemeal toast with a selection of spreads (butter, jam, marmite and honey) as well as fruit.
Drinks: Water, hot chocolate, milk, orange juice and apple juice.


Filled crusty rolls

Jacket potatoes with selection of fillings

Southern fried chicken

Packed lunch

Fish cakes

Jacket potatoes with selection of fillings

Pasties and spring rolls

All of the above have accompaniments

Lunch everyday options

Each day there are additional options inc: bread & butter, soup, pasta salad, salad, fruit and yogurts.
Drinks: Water and fruit squash


Roast chicken
Dessert: Fruit crumble

Dessert: Apple pie

Dessert: Chocolate crispy cakes

Dessert: Ice cream

Roast beef
Dessert: Brownies

Dessert: Jam doughnuts

Dessert: Ice cream

All of the above have accompaniments.

Dinner everyday options

Each day there will be wholemeal bread and butter, soup and a selection of salads.
Drinks: Water and fruit squash.

Vegetarian dinner options




Vegetarian burgers

Macaroni cheese


Vegetarian burgers

This is a sample menu at XUK Activity and is subject to change