Happy xuk staff member at north london play scheme day camp
Happy xuk staff member at north london play scheme day camp

Day Camp Roles

Each position we have on offer is absolutely key to a successful Easter and summer camp. This way we can give the best care to every child and give confidence to their parents / carers. Safeguarding is at the core of everything we do and you must adhere to all our policies.

We want keen, committed and experienced people to work within a close knit team to give our campers the best experience at XUK.

Please click on the roles below for a full job description including pay. We recommend you have a detailed read through the full job descriptions before completing our application form. This will enable you to understand what we do, what we ask of you and what you applying for.

Once you apply for a role we will assume you know what you are applying for and understand the requirements.

And of course, if you have any questions we are always delighted to help so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Really lovely kids... Well organised camp... Very supportive staff members... Lots of lovely people!

Thekla, Science Entertainer & Swimming Coordinator at Mini Minors & XUK Day