Children running through hoops at London day camp
Children running through hoops at London day camp

A typical day at Mini Minors

Our 3 - 4's and 5 - 6's have a fantastic variety of indoor and outdoor activities and a balance of Arts and Sports!

  • Full day - 09:15 - 15:15
  • Half day - 09:15 - 12:15
  • Extend your child's day with 'Lates' until 16.15 (Monday to Thursday only)

Have a look at our Sample Timetable

09:15 - Welcome & Activities

Sign your child in, have an opportunity to meet our staff and be able to see your child’s action-packed timetable.

We will have activities already underway so your child can join in as soon as they've said goodbye! From Lego to Potato Printing and Mask Masking to Small World!

09:30 - Activities

It could be making instruments or making animal masks!

10:15 - Mid Morning Snack

We need a quick break to refuel ready for the rest of the fun we've got planned for this morning!

Whilst having a snack, it's time for a few repeat after me songs!

10.30 - Entertainers Session

From Fencing to Cheerleading, our entertainers bring something a little different to Mini Minors!

11:00 - Activities

The sun is shining so it's time to go outside on a Scavenger Hunt and a play on the climbing frame!

12:00 - Lunchtime

After all the fun this morning, we are all feeling a little bit peckish and need to renew our energy levels for the afternoon!

Once we've finished our packed lunch... We can head outside to play some games with our friends!

13:15 - Activities

What have we got on offer this afternoon?

Face painting, Junk Modelling, Finger Puppets and Moon Sand... The fun never stops!

14:00 - Entertainer Session

It's time for a session with one of our Sports Entertainers - which sport will we be focusing on today?

Football? Athletics? Basketball?

14:30 - Activities

Can you believe that the day is almost over? We have time for one last activity of the day... Let's head out into the playground for some parachute games!

15:00 - Storytime

Wow, what a fun day that was...

Before we go home, it's time to relax and listen to a story!

15:15 - Hometime

The day at Mini Minors might be over, but you can tell your friends and family all about your day! You might even take some artwork home that you can share with them!

Don't forget, if 15:15 is a little early for you, the day can be extended until 16:15 at our 'Lates'.

16:15 - Lates Hometime

After a jump around on the bouncy castle and a play in the ball pit, it's time to say goodbye until tomorrow...

All timetables, timings & activities subject to change/cancellation and vary each day.

My son (3.5 years old) honestly loved every minute of his three weeks at camp. Every day he ran in and then came out with a massive smile. I couldn't have been happier with his time there!