teenage boy traversing uk english summer camp
teenage boy traversing uk english summer camp

The Next Generation of Leaders

Our campers are amazing. Some residential campers are as young as seven years old whereas others will be heading to university next year. No matter their age, they are learning skills at camp which will help them to succeed in the future. Whether they end up running a successful, small business or become a world leader, we can confidently say, that a lot of their leadership and entrepreneurial skills were learnt at camp.

Parents can be guilty of holding their children back. They are there to support their every move but it prevents them from making their own decisions and learning from their own mistakes. At XUK Camps, it is a parent free zone so our campers have plenty of opportunities to flourish without Mum or Dad behind them to pick up the pieces and encourage or discourage their every move.

Every Sunday, when our campers arrive, they attend a welcome talk. It is an opportunity to be introduced to the staff team, hear about all the exciting things planned for the week and listen to our camp rules. From this point on, they need to be responsible for all of their own actions. This will be easier for some campers than it is for others. Not having your parents around to sort out your problems or pick up your slack means that you are standing on your own two feet.

Summer camps encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Taking on new challenges as a child or teenager at camp, in a supportive environment will not only help you to achieve but also give you transferable skills to use in the future in the world of business.

teenage girls zip line british international summer camps
teenage girls zip line british international summer camps

Most businesses are based on values and expectations and so are camps. We expect our campers to buy into our values and follow our expectations. And when things are not quite going their way, our staff are there to support our campers, just like their colleagues will be in the future. But the difference is, our staff will guide them through your challenges and offer suggestions, perhaps a little different to the way parents might solve problems for their children.

Camps are brilliant places to practise leadership skills. So many of our wonderful activities involve team work on varying levels. From working together as a team to score a goal in a football match to coming up with an incredible business plan to impress our Dragons in an evening activity. We also have the opportunity available for our eldest campers to take part in our LIT programme at XUK Activity.

It is important to make time to build new relationships. Whether you are seven or seventeen, the likelihood is you are going to be a busy person, juggling your education, hobbies and social life. That is why it is important to take some time every once in a while, (every summer) to build relationships with those outside of your usual circles. XUK Camps are very international with our campers coming from over 67 countries. There is a pretty high chance you will have plenty of opportunities to mix with people who you would not cross paths with in the real world or they might not necessarily be the people you would choose to spend your time with. Learn about their culture and way of life. As you get older, it is more and more common to find yourself in these situations – college, university and the work place.

There you have it, we generate leaders of the future at XUK Camps!