Why we think there is a special kind of magic at summer camp

The magic of summer camp is something very special. Something that’s hard to put into words to explain to somebody who hasn’t been before. As a member of the staff team or a camper, XUK Camps will always have a special place in your heart. Let us try and put that magic into words for you...

Summer camps are magical because...

The friendships made at summer camp are like no other. When you arrive on a Sunday night and look around at a camp full of strangers, you have no idea how hard those goodbyes to your new best friends will be at the end of your stay. The magic in the air helps you to find like minded people who will quickly become your friends for life. Your home lives might be worlds apart, but you will learn so much about each others countries and culture.

magic of summer camp xuk camps staff
magic of summer camp xuk camps staff

The magic of camp can also help us to get over our fears and phobias in a safe environment. We have such a range of activities on offer at all of our camps, that are all delivered with safety in mind and with the encouragement of our great staff team, we can achieve! Whether that’s going under water in the swimming pool for the first time or reaching the top of the wall whilst climbing, these achievements add to that camp magic. You will go home feeling proud as punch!

There are lots of social pressures in the real world. Over the past few years, the world has seen a significant increase in social media usage. At our camps, we limit the amount of time our campers can spend on their phones. We can temporarily forget about life outside of the bubble of camp and enjoy being ourselves, focusing on building connections with those around us at camp.

If you walk around our camps, there’s a special sound that fills the summer air. You can hear lots of laughter, cheering and chatting. It’s the sound that happy campers make as they take part in activities, play together during free time and enjoy each other’s company! It’s an atmosphere you wish you could be part of 365 days a year. It is the magic of summer camp.

And finally, being part of a community that’s like a second family is very special. It is a unique feeling that you probably don’t experience in the workplace or at school. When you return to camp each summer, it’s like having one big family reunion. After waiting all year to see your friends (unless you were lucky enough to meet up around the world) and coordinating the weeks you book to ensure you are at camp during the same weeks, that feeling when you see each other again is the best! You are back in your safe haven, with your camp besties, ready to have a summer filled with awesome activities!

And there you have it, the magic of summer camp...

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