Camp Friends Are The Best Friends

It’s a cheesy saying, but we all know it’s true, your summer camp friends really are the best friends and we are always on the countdown until we next see them!

Nowadays we have so many online friends, but how many of them can you turn to in a time in need? Our camp friends are different, we have spent several weeks living out of each other’s pockets, there for one another if we are feeling a bit homesick and cheering one another on when taking part in activity outside of our comfort zone....

summer camp best friends uk kids
summer camp best friends uk kids

Making friends can be hard, particularly as you get older. On your first day of camp you will be surrounded by like minded people who are nothing more than strangers. As the days go on and you grow whilst sharing the experience of camp, friendships blossom. When it is time to go home, you will question how you could possible survive the year apart. These special people in your life are going to see you through the good times and the not so good!

Your camp friends get it. They get camp. We often find ourselves in the real world using our special talent – making absolutely anything and everything relate back to camp. You could get a friend to say a random object and there’s a strong chance you will be able to relate it back to a story from camp! Maybe your non camp friends are a little bit jealous and they don’t want to hear about your summer, so nothing beats reminiscing with camp BFFs.

Although we slate it, thank goodness for modern technology. We no longer need to wait weeks to receive our airmail from another continent. Our friends might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away, but they will always be at the other end of the phone. With things like group calling, we can even chat to everyone from our dorm at the same time, no matter where in the world they are.

teenage boys british summer activity camp london
teenage boys british summer activity camp london

As we grow up, having such great friends around the world has it’s perks. You might travel the world on a gap year or fancy a European city break and there’s a strong chance one of your camp friends will live there. Make use of their local knowledge as a tour guide and you never know they might offer you their hospitality and a roof over your head!

Every summer we see amazing friendships develop between our staff team too. Working at a camp is incredibly rewarding but hard work too. By being part of such a close knit, supportive team, our staff overcome challenges together and bonds grow over the summer. So many of us would be lost without our summer camp friends!

Stay in contact with your camp friends, they will always be part of your life! We cannot wait to see you all get reunited in July and August! And in the meantime, don’t forget to send us pictures from your reunions...