boys on trip at uk residential activity camp near london
boys on trip at uk residential activity camp near london

How to choose an activity camp for your children

Around the world every summer, lots of children go to an activity camp. Every single one is unique. Some residential camps run for just a few days, whereas others run for the whole summer and you have the freedom to decide how long your children stay for. Some camps are based around religion or a theme and others give campers a more "all rounder" experience. There are so many to choose from, the perfect activity camp for your children is out there…

We want to help you to pick the right activity camp for your child. First, ask yourself, what do you and your children want to get of their stay at an activity camp?

Being away from home, whether it's for the first time or the fifth time can sometimes be a bit daunting for children. We believe that with a great staff team looking after your children and fantastic activities to take part in, your children will have the summer of a lifetime. We think that the camp you pick should be a joint decision. Talk to your children and find out what they would like to do. Do they want to attend a multi activity camp such as XUK Activity and try a vast range of exciting activities? Have they got a real passion for something, adventure, media, sports or creative arts and would be more suited to focusing on that for their stay at a specialist camp? XUK Excel gives them the opportunity to do this, as well as having the freedom to pick activities in the afternoons. If you are from overseas, your children might be keen to learn English this summer whilst having fun. If that is the case then an English summer school like XUK English will suit them perfectly, with morning English lessons and afternoon and evening activities!

Once you have a good idea of type of activity camp they want to attend, have a look at the closer details. Consider the accommodation options. All of our residential camps have dormitories but XUK Activity also offers T-Bells, giving campers and opportunity to sleep under the stars! Is there a particular trip your children would like to go on? We visit different cities and towns each week at our camps! Is there a particular optional extra they would like to book on to? Do you want your children to have English lessons? At our English school, all of our students participate in English, whereas English lessons are optional at our activity camps. Is an all-inclusive package better value for your family?

Activity camps are a brilliant place for children to create memories, build new friendships and try something new. But how long should your children spend at an activity camp? We are regularly asked this question. Without knowing your children, it is hard for us to advice for each camper, however we can certainly use the knowledge and experience we do have to advise... Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have your children been away from home before?
  • Have they ever attended an activity camp in the past?
  • How old are your children?
  • Where will they be coming from?
  • How long do you think it take them to settle in?
  • Are they used to being very active or are they likely to be exhausted after a week?

Hopefully the answers will give you an idea as to how long you think your children should come for. Most of our campers come for two or three weeks! Of course, we are more than happy to chat this through with you!

Once you have decided as a family which activity camp is best for your children please feel free to contact us to talk through your choice and we can answer all of your questions and check the camp of your choice is the best activity camp for your child! We also have campers parents on hand for you to talk to, who would be delighted to share their child's experience with you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!