Why your kids need to come to summer camp in 2020

Booking your kids into a summer camp might not be top of your priorities list right now, but before we know it, the summer of 2020 will be with us. In our ever changing world, summer camp proves to be more and more beneficial to young people. Here’s why we think you should book your kids into our overnight camps in 2020...

1. To Develop Friendships

It can often be hard to explain to somebody who hasn’t been to camp before how special friendships created at summer camp are. As our camps are so international, our campers are exposed to so many cultures, religions and languages. It’s not every day you can make friends with four people from four different parts of the world and instantly become friends for life.

Whilst making friends, our campers are networking, a skill that will prove to be very useful in the future when they go off to university and find themselves in the working world.

2. Have An Active Summer

international summer camp uk camp fire british camp
international summer camp uk camp fire british camp

Swap sitting in front of a screen for being active at summer camp. Every day we offer plenty of activities to get you moving from different sports, to adventure and drama to dance.

The UK government announced in August that 1 in 3 children are overweight when they leave primary school. Just one week of walking around summer camp, taking part in activities that get you moving and being in an environment with limited use of technology will prove to be so beneficial to kids and teenagers.

3. Grow in Independence

Lots of our campers and staff describe our summer camps as a home away from home. It’s a home where you are encouraged to do things for yourself to have a successful stay with us. Who is going to make decisions for them?

Our campers need to be able to choose their own outfits each day (taking into consideration the activities they are going to participate in and the weather), take care of their personal hygiene, be able to let our team know if they have a problem (ideally without going via Mum or Dad) and successfully and independently pack their belongings back into their bags when they go home, remembering everything they came with!

4. Feel Empowered

Being away from parents and guardians ensures our campers have confidence to make their own decisions. Some of their decisions might not be right at first, but summer camp is all about learning about yourself and from others.

5. Appreciate Home Life

Time away from home helps children to appreciate their parents, home cooked food and everything else they haven’t got at summer camp. It’s also worth reminding them that not every child is lucky enough to be able to spend part of their summer at camp, having an incredible, parent-free time, essentially a holiday with friends!

There are lots of other benefits to summer camp, let’s not forget the opportunity to try new activities and discover new talents, creating memories that will last a lifetime and visit new places!