Chinese children in an English lesson
Chinese children in an English lesson

English Lessons

At XUK Excel, we offer afternoon English lessons for Beginners or Intermediates.

Each child’s English is assessed on their first day. This means that they will be able to learn with others who are at a similar stage.

At the end of the course, every child receives a certificate and report to record their achievement.

At XUK Excel, we focus on ‘learning through doing’ and our experienced staff are passionate about delivering interesting and motivating lessons. We follow a competency-based syllabus, which reflects the Common European Framework, and encourage our teachers to use interactive activities in the classroom.

On 4 afternoons of the week there are 90 minutes of lessons and we make these lessons as practical as possible and related to the activities they are doing at camp.

Our lessons are not suitable for advanced/fluent English speakers.

What I loved about XUK Excel...

The awesome staff, all of the different activities... I generally loved EVERYTHING!

Carlota Ganzadain, 15