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Specialist Summer Activity Camp in the UK. Choose from Sports, Creative Arts, Water & Forest Adventure or Media!
Children on surf boards at xuk summer camp in UK

A Day at XUK Excel Residential Summer Camp

Below illustrates a typical day at XUK Excel. Have a look at our sample timetable too! Times and activities can change but this gives a great guide...

08:00 - Wake up

Wake up it's a beautiful morning!

Your dorm leader will come and wake you up, take a shower and get your things ready for the day...

08:25 - Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day... Cereal, a traditional English, yogurt and fruit will be available each morning!

Catch up with your friends and look forward to the day of activities ahead...

Girls rafting

09:15 - Electives

Girls rafting

It's Elective time! Have you picked Water & Forest Adventure, Media, Creative Arts or Sport for your week?

Water & Forest Adventure are off to Mallards Pike Lake to go rafting...

Media are going on a field trip into the countryside for an introduction into landscape photography...

The Creative Arts elective are script writing ready for their Saturday performance...

And the Sports group are spending the morning on the Pavilion, developing and improving their football skills.

Children playing table tennis at XUK Excel

12:45 - Free Time

Children playing table tennis at XUK Excel

This is your time... Chill in the Common Rooms with your new friends, have a kick around on the lawn or relax in your room with a book!

13:15 - Lunch

After a morning of electives, you need to refuel ready for the afternoon ahead...

The dining room is a great place to sit next to new people and to make new friends!

14:15 - Activities

We will meet in the Blake Theatre for the start of afternoon 'choice sessions'. This is your time to decide which activity you want to do!

Each afternoon we will have a great range of activities on offer...

Afternoon choices include:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Drama Workshops
  • Hockey
  • Rocket making and launching
  • Fitness
  • Chalk workshops
  • And so much more...

There really is something for everyone!

15:45 - Activities

Our day time activities are coming to an end with the final choice session of the day...

17:15 - Free Time

Free time is your time to do whatever you want...

Read a book in your dorm, play football on the lawn, have a game of table tennis in the common room or catch up with your friends and family back home!

18:15 - Dinner

Food glorious food...

The final meal of the day awaits us!

19:15 - Evening Activities

What will your evening activity be?

It could be a Murder Mystery or a Casino Night... Or will it be a Pool Party or XUK World Cup?

Every Saturday we host our famous Talent Show and Disco!

21:15 - Back to Dormitories

After an action packed day, our campers head back to their rooms. There's time to take a shower, play a game of cards or read a book before the light is turned out...