Girls with erupting volcanoes at day camp
Girls with erupting volcanoes at day camp

Getting to Camp

Public Transport

If you are taking the bus to camp you can catch the 102. This stops on the A1 at Brookland Rise, just a very short walk from camp.

The closest tube station to Brookland School is East Finchley. This is about a 15 minute walk.

Driving & Parking

Brookland School is situated off Hill Top, London, NW11 6EJ

When parking please prioritise the safety of children and adults at all times. It is essential you read and follow the code of conduct to ensure the safety of our children.


Use our Facebook site to chat to other parents and see if you can car share or set up a rota. Any arrangements you make are your responsibility. Please always ensure your children are safe.

Mini Minors is so fantastic from your varied creative schedule to such an amazing team of staff. It is fantastic you group together the children in schools/nurseries. The staff you had this year who I spoke to were all professionals which I felt so happy leaving my children with them!

I will continue to recommend your camp and hope to see you next year!