Our campers told us why our staff team are the best

Call us bias, but we think we have the best staff team in the world! Our staff ensure every camper has the summer of a lifetime...

To select the best staff, all applicant have to go through a rather thorough application process. From an application form where they get the opportunity to sell themselves to our four hour group interview where we ask them lots of questions and they demonstrate their skills at leading an activity, we are on the look out the best staff team every year!

To prove our pretty bold statement, we asked our campers over on Instagram why they thought we had the best staff team.

“They are so sweet and caring.”

The level of care our staff provide our campers takes them from a good team to the best staff team in the summer camp world.

“I don’t know but they are perfect and I miss them so much.”

xuk summer camp best staff summer job
xuk summer camp best staff summer job

We know they make a positive impact on your life and just like your camp friends, you count down the days until you are reunited in the summer again.

“They are really nice and will help you however they can.”

Nothing is too much for our staff team. Whether it’s helping you find your lost jumper or supporting you whilst you resolve a friendship issue, they will always be there for you.

“They understand the campers.”

We were all young once but only the best staff team will regularly remind themselves of this to understand where our campers are coming from.

“They make XUK the best camp in the world and the reason I love camp.”

Without our incredible team, our camps wouldn’t be able to run and we will always be thankful!

“They’re understanding and ready to help.”

Throughout the summer, we don’t ever ‘take our foot of the peddle’. Our staff team works incredibly hard and are always on hand when our campers need them – even in the middle of the night!

“They care about you and try their best to make you feel happy and active.”

Camp is all about being in a happy place, limiting your use of technology and being active. The XUK Camps staff team are amazing at planning and delivering lots of fantastic activities to get you moving each day.

“They’re all full of joy and make the activities 1000000 times more fun.”

Whether that’s joining in with an activity, encouraging you or just delivering something super fun, the best staff team has got it covered!

“They treat you with the same amount of respect you treat them with.”

This is very important, particularly with young adults. Our staff are role models!

“They are the funniest people and know how to help everyone.”

The sound of laughter around camp is very special and if we have plenty of adults around who can make us laugh, we’re all winners!

“I love how they are like big sisters or brothers. With them XUK feels like home.”

When you are away from home, you want somebody to be there looking after you. Lots of our campers would describe our camps as ‘home’.

“They care about you and make you feel great.”

From paying you a compliment, to helping you make friends when you first arrive, they will always to be there share positive vibes.

They are simply the best! If you are interested in joining our very special staff team in 2020, check out our jobs pages and head over to our XUK Jobs Facebook page for updates!