XUK residential summer camp – bringing back adventure!

XUK residential summer camp – bringing back adventure!

According to recent research on children in the UK:

  • 42% of children have never made a daisy chain
  • 32% of children have never climbed a tree

Shocked?! So were we!

At XUK we believe in adventure! By adventure we don’t necessarily mean climbing Mount Everest (although that definitely counts!). Every summer we and hundreds of children and teenagers have tons of adventures without even leaving the UK - in the Norfolk countryside at XUK summer camp!

What we definitely know is that watching movies or playing computer games is no substitute for a real-life adventure!

We believe in daisy chain making and tree climbing. We believe in camp fires and in woodland night walks. We believe in water fights and den building. We believe in trying new things, overcoming fears and building confidence by achieving what you never thought possible. We believe that education doesn’t end at school and by embracing adventure you can learn life skills that can’t be learnt in a classroom.

We’re supporting the ‘Love Outdoor Play’ campaign – a campaign dedicated to bringing back more opportunities for children to play outside and have real adventures! Follow the campaign on facebook and twitter @LoveOutdoorPlay

Bring back daisy chain making and tree climbing! Bring back adventure!