English Language Summer School
English Language Summer School

XUK English Summer School Feedback 2015

XUK English 2015 has been a unique experience filled with fond memories, new friendships and new experiences. With children attending from all over the world we have learnt about each other whilst learning about the English language!

Every year we ask our parents what their children thought about XUK English summer school. We are forward thinking and continually looking at ways to improve so we do welcome honest feedback and comments.

We have been overwhelmed with such fantastic comments and feedback and we are both excited and proud to announce the following results:

XUK English Feedback Results
XUK English Feedback Results

XUK English Feedback Results:

Every year, upon booking, we provide parents with essential information about camp, including a kit list! As well as this, we ensure all of our parents know that we are on the end of the phone if they have any questions about camp at all.

We asked parents if they were given enough information prior to their child attending XUK English summer school… 88% of parents stated they were given enough information.

English lessons are the main focus at XUK English and we ensure we have the best, innovative and creative teachers that create a fun, interactive and engaging way of learning within the classrooms. We asked our parents how they would rate our English lessons… 85% of parents rated the English lessons as good or excellent.

After English lessons, our students head to the common room where they are able to choose what afternoon activities they would like to do. They could compete in a game of football, learn how to shoot arrows in archery, head to the art room to get creative or learn a new camp dance in the dance studio! We asked our parents to feedback about the afternoon activities at XUK English summer school… 85% of parents rated the activities as good or excellent.

English language
English language

Whilst some children are absorbed in our activities, others may be taking part in our 1:1 or intensive English lessons (which are added as an optional extra upon booking). Our 1:1 and intensive English lessons provide children with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the English language further.

When we asked parents to rate our intensive and 1:1 English lessons….

93% of parents rated the additional afternoon intensive lessons as good or excellent.

100% of parents rated the additional afternoon 1:1 lessons as good or excellent.

Our staff are the making of XUK English summer school’s friendly atmosphere. There is no better way of learning English than in an environment where staff are supportive, caring and fun.

At XUK English we have activity leaders whom lead high quality activities as well as look after the children’s pastoral needs and English teachers whom run fantastic English lessons

When we asked parents about our staff at XUK English…98% of parents rated the activity leaders as good or excellent. 92% of parents rated the English teachers as good or excellent.

Summer School
Summer School

We go on 2 study trips a week, one to either Cambridge or London and another to a historical local city. This is so we can put our English language skills into practice!

When we asked parents about our study trips… 85% of parents rated the trips as good or excellent.

For the first time in 2015 we introduced optional extra trips and it was a great success. Many of our students opted to go horse riding and to go-karting.

When we asked parents what they thought about these trips… 75% of parents rated horse riding as good or excellent & 81% rated go karting as good or excellent

After such great feedback, our parents further rated their child’s experience at XUK English compared to other language schools… Of the students that have attended another language school, 93% of students said that XUK English is better!

We are extremely proud to say that 93% of parents would recommend XUK English summer school to others!!

We thank everyone for their fantastic feedback after this summer… we cannot wait to see you all again for XUK English summer school 2016!