Our 2019 XUK English Feedback

All that we have left from the summer is the amazing memories we created at XUK English, our English summer school. It was another brilliant summer in Ipswich filled with hands on English lessons, exciting activities, trips and memory making! Our students were well and truly immersed in British culture.

Next summer will mark our tenth year of XUK English and we want to make it the best summer yet. We have received lots of amazing feedback for 2019 in our Parent Questionnaires and we will be working on any improvement points to make things even better.

Our English summer school splits the day into three parts – morning English lessons, afternoon activities and evening activities.

happy students english summer school uk
happy students english summer school uk

100% of parents rated our English lessons as good or excellent. One parent commented further and said our “challenging English lessons” were the best thing about XUK English.

We employ fantastic, qualified English teachers to plan and deliver our English lessons.

100% of parents rated our English teachers as good or excellent.

Families also have the option of booking afternoon ‘Intensive English lessons’ for their children. These were also highly rated by parents.

100% of parents rated Intensive lessons as good or excellent.

The afternoon and evening activities give our students plenty of opportunities to put their English speaking skills to good use in an active environment. We have a wide range of activities on offer from Tennis to Sketching and Street Dance to Archery.

92% of parents rated our activities as good or excellent.

96% of parents rated our Activity Leaders as good or excellent.

Every week, we take our students on trips where they can soak up British culture as well as having an opportunity to visit shops to buy souvenirs.

95% of parents rated our trips as good or excellent.

Some of our students have attended other language schools before. We are always interested to hear how we compare. Parents said XUK English was better because...

“They learnt more English and made friends from different nationalities.”

“You know how to make a difference!”

“Perfectly organised everything, good teachers, professional team.”

“We liked the activities and the nice staff.”

“You guys take great care of the kids.”

“The camp has a more interesting and rich programme.”

Thanks again to all of the campers and their families who completed our questionnaire. It is always so useful to know your opinions to ensure that we maintain the quality experience on offer. We really look forward to seeing you again next year!