What you told us about XUK day camps

What you told us about XUK day camps

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the recent camp feedback questionnaires – we honestly do read every single comment and each one of you will help us to improve future camps.

A few statistics

  • 97% of you said our staff were ‘excellent’ or 'good'
  • 89% of you said our camps were better than other camps you had been to
  • 90% of you said our value for money was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’
  • 96% of you said our activities were ‘excellent’ or ‘good’
  • 96% of you said our venue & facilities were ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ And here’s one we’re really proud of…
  • 98% of you would recommend our camps to a friend

Here’s what you said

“I think the word 'excellent' does justify the work you all do. My child was very happy (as was I). I think the camp is just superb!”

“Staff were all very friendly and welcoming and gave time to my child who gets a bit upset being left. They always gave me feedback at the end of the day - lovely lovely lovely!”

“My son came to camp for the first time and loved it, in just a week we have seen his confidence grow and that is thanks to your fantastic staff. He loved coming to camp and ran in every day.”

If we're not moving forward we're moving backwards

However great your feedback is, we will never be happy just to sit still. We are on a constant mission to improve our camps – we believe there is always something we can improve or tweak.

There were just a couple of things which you’ve asked us to work for future camps. These are…

  1. Information!
    A few of you have told us that on the first Monday morning of camp you do not know the details of what you need to bring to camp/where to go/what time etc… This is because you booked so long ago that by the time camp comes around, the information email we sent you when you booked has been buried deep in your email inbox. Our solution is that from now on we’ll be reminding you of the information you need a week or so before camp begins (perhaps via facebook or email – we’ll have think)
  2. Specialist Activities
    You’ve told us that you would be keen for us to offer specialist activity courses at camp, allowing your children to develop specialised skills alongside their usual fun-filled multi-activity programme. Your requests included tennis coaching, football coaching and music lessons. We’ll be investigating the possibility of developing any of these specialist programmes.

A huge thank you

We are very lucky to have such wonderful families attending our camps and we really do care what you think.

We are very grateful to everyone who gave us feedback - your comments and suggestions will help us make our 2014 camps the best yet!