Why choose a Summer Camp in the UK?

We are gearing up for another summer this year and we cannot wait! We are busy in the office taking bookings, ordering equipment and most importantly talking to parents about our camp in the UK. We aim to talk to as many parents as possible every year, whether it is through live chat on our website, emails, expos or even over the phone! In particular, there is one thing that parents regularly ask and are querying when it comes down to summer camps. Should they book a summer camp in America or a summer camp in the UK ? Many times, we tell parents this is entirely their decision and we can only tell them the numerous benefits of choosing a camp in the UK…

There is a much buzz around summer camps in the USA and it has not yet reached the UK! It is a ritual for American children to pack their bags every summer and set off to a camp for weeks of endless fun, adventure and action! We want to shout out from the roof tops, to children in the UK and children from overseas, about how much fun we have at XUK Activity and XUK English and why a camp in the UK is unbeatable!

England is unique, rich in history and famous for its beautiful countryside (it is like no other!) A week in the countryside brings piece of mind as well as endless opportunities for adventure! XUK Activity is located in Norwich in the depth of the countryside. Every year our children love exploring the woodlands, and in particular love camping outside!

England is the home to many sports, including cricket, rugby and football, to name a few! We absolutely love our sport and this is reflected in our activities at summer camp! Our children can try out a different sport every day, whether it is ultimate Frisbee, rifle shooting, tennis, or fencing!

Are you from overseas? Well, even more of a reason to visit the UK during the summer. You can immerse yourself in the British culture and English language! We even provide English lessons at camp! A mixture of English lessons and activities provides children with the best opportunity to learn English and live it!

England is bursting with beautiful, quaint historical towns and cities. At XUK English and XUK Activity, we take a trip to a historic market town called Bury St Edmunds . Bury St Edmunds is home to a magnificent cathedral and the Abbey Gardens that were prominent in the medieval times. Our children can wander the ruins in the Abbey Gardens and walk along the cobbled streets towards the markets.

The weather is a topic that is regularly talked about with our parents. It is a common misconception that England’s weather is dull during the summer. Well, we are about to surprise you when we say that our summers are filled with glorious sunshine (excluding a few occasions, but what would England be without a drizzle here and there?!). It was so hot last summer that even our Spanish children couldn’t stand the heat!

Lastly, we can’t have a blog about England without mentioning the capital city, London! London in itself is a reason to come to a summer camp in England. There is so much to see and so much to do! At XUK English and Activity we explore London at its finest. We take a tour of the famous landmarks, taste the food and take lots and lots of photographs! If you haven’t been yet, it is definitely a must do!

We hope that summer camps in the UK will be bigger and better in many years to come! We certainly will continue to rant and rave about the amazing opportunities that summer camps provide and now we hope you will too!