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When we first started our summer camps, social media did not exist. Nowadays it is rare to find a teenager without a social media account. You can find us on lots of different social media platforms and we use each one in a slightly different way...


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Instagram is most popular with our campers and staff team. We use it almost daily throughout the year to keep you updated with what’s going on in the world of XUK Camps, a chance to see where we are going around the world and to take full advantage of Instagram Stories. Stories have great functions that we love – polls, a great way of finding out your opinions and questions, we love giving you the chance to ask us anything.

You will also find lots of different pictures on our grid too from Throwback Thursday’s to camper reunions around the world. We love receiving your photos so keep them coming!

We really upped our game on Instagram this summer, ensuring all three of our residentials summer camps added to our Story throughout the day. You can find lots of the videos and photos saved in our Highlights, if you’re feeling a bit camp sick, we recommend it, to remember all the good times.


We are finding most of our campers are not Facebook users so we tend to aim it at our staff and campers families. It is a great place where we can share link to pages such as our latest blog posts, interesting articles for parents and inspection reports. Facebook is also the perfect platform for longer posts such as ‘Meet the Staff’. Check out all of our pages... XUK Excel, XUK English, XUK Activity, XUK Jobs and Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp

During the summer, each camp will do a daily post sharing a small selection of photos and a short paragraph letting everybody know what they have been up to during the day.


Everything is short and snappy on Twitter and there is no such thing as over tweeting right? We love seeing what all of our followers are tweeting about and if we think you’ll find it interesting, we will retweet it.

Twitter is also a place where we can interact. If there is a parent looking for a childcare solution or a student looking for a summer job, we can point them in our direction. We also really appreciate it when we are retweeted. University careers teams often retweet our tweets about jobs to their students. Every year, more and more staff team applicants say they heard they about us through social media.


YouTube is the home of our videos. If you want to see what our camps look like or find out who was on our 2018 staff teams, head over to our YouTube channels.


Rumour has it that Pinterest is turning into a search engine just like Google. We use it in two ways. Firstly, we like to share our blogs and photos for families interested in booking our summer camps. And then we like to share lots of pins with our followers such as craft ideas.

Pinterest is also a great place for us to find inspiration for new activity ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a like and a follow and be part of the countdown to the summer...