Well done Martin B - Week 4 Citizen of the Week!

Well done Martin B - our Week 4 Citizen of the Week!

Congratulations Martin B! We are very proud! With 25 of the staff team voting for him, he is a very worthy citizen of the week! And well done to those graduating from our English Language School - they have learnt new vocabulary and grammar this week and even had chance to put it in to practice in the university city of Cambridge. Maybe even some of them will come back and study English there one day!

The jungle show was just fantastic - thanks again to everyone who performed, the dj's, the organisers and the presenters. We loved the dancing and the singing . We had some significant talent on display tonight. And of course, happy birthday to Lucy B! We hope you enjoyed your cake and everyone singing to you!Tomorrow is arrival and departure day and we are heading into new territory for XUK - this year is the first time we are running for a fifth week! We can't wait to welcome in our new campers and sure they will love meeting those teens, inters and juniors who are staying so here's to a good rest tonight after the disco to get ready for our final hurrah - crazy circus week!