Why working at camp is the best summer job for students

We’re reaching the end of January and lots of university students around the country are beginning to secure summer jobs. We believe that working at a summer camp is the best job for students. Let us tell you why...

Do something different

Are you fed up with spending your summers stacking shelves and working on the checkouts at your local supermarket? Spend your summer doing something different. We have a range of positions available at our summer camps from Dorm & Activity Leaders (like a Camp Counsellor role in the USA), Sports Coaches, Health Team and Management roles. Every day is different at camp!

Transferable skills

temporary summer jobs for students uk summer camps
temporary summer jobs for students uk summer camps

Whether you’re in your first or final year of university, it’s important to develop your CV ready for when you apply for graduate jobs. Working at a summer camp will give you tonnes of skills that your future employers will love. From time management to problem solving and communication to adaptability, there will be so many opportunities to put these skills to practice and be in situations you can talk about in future job interviews – that time you had planned a sports day for the entire camp (up to 160 campers) and the weather suddenly changed so you needed to adapt your sports day with just ten minutes notice.

Earn money

Being a student is expensive and there is a chance you will finish the academic year with a bit of debt. You’ll earn no less than £400 per week working with us and you can easily come to camp and not spend a penny as we provide three meals a day and accommodation. There are no fees or expenses for you to pay either!

Working at our camps also comes with other rewards – you will be making a difference to our campers lives, inspiring them, being role models. There will be occasions where you will be comforting campers who are homesick on their first few days but balling their eyes out when it is time to return home, all thanks to the amazing time yourself and your team have provided them with!

Plenty of time to travel either side

Our camps might not be in the most exotic part of the world, but you will have plenty of time either side of camp to travel the world! It’s not unusual for our staff to book holidays for after camp with their new friend they have been working with! The summer holidays can be long, get six weeks of them sorted now...

Make memories and friends for life

We must sound like a stuck record, but camp friends really are the best friends. You will find yourself making friends with like minded people who you would never cross paths with in the real world. If you’re interested, we could bore you with lots of stories of friendships where our team have visited each other around the world, become housemates and had gap yahs together...

What are you waiting for? Have a read through our website and if you like the sound of joining the XUK Camps family this summer, complete our application form and we hope to meet you soon!