‘The Best Thing About our Camps' – through the eyes of your children

‘The Best Thing About Cross Keys Camp' – through the eyes of your children

The Best Thing About Cross Keys is…

‘The Parachute game, making new friends & musical statues’ – Sofiane, 5, Apprentices

‘It is fun and you will never get bored!’Eli, 8, Sports

‘Having outside time because we can do whatever sports we like’Leo, 6, Sports

‘That everyone makes amazing new friends and learns new skills’Alyssa, 8, Art

‘Making pumpkins’ – Isaac, 4, Apprentices

‘Making new friends, launch ball, football & all the games I get to play’ – Brandon, 6, Sports

‘You choose a group of what you really want to do and that is good!’ – Mischa, 6, Drama

‘Drawing, painting and making new friends’ – Amelie, 4, Apprentices

‘It is loads of fun and the teachers are really nice and always there to help you’ – Georgia, 7, Art

‘Being outside where I can play and run really fast!’ – Anton, 5, Apprentices

‘You get to choose what kind of thing is your type. I love Drama – it rocks!’Rachel, 8, Drama

Thank you to all the children who took time to tell us what they think is the best thing about camp!