A summer job looks great on your CV

As a student, getting a summer job might not be the main priority throughout your year, but before you know it, the summer will be here. There are lots of summer jobs to choose from hospitality to retail but we think working at a summer camp will look great on your CV...

A summer job is a way of making money, but you still want to be able to enjoy yourself. One of the perks of working at a summer camp is the incredible team you will be part of. It’s pretty likely you will make friends for life as you get each other through the good, yet also challenging times. A summer job at a camp will demonstrate on your CV how you can work in a diverse team, made up of people from different backgrounds in a range of positions as well as working with hundreds of campers from all around the world.

Whilst being part of our summer camp team, your communication skills will be developed in two ways – you will need to communicate with large groups of people during activities and in meetings, speak to parents and campers but also be able to listen and act upon instructions given to you. You will also be able to add to your CV how you can

xuk summer camp jobs looks great on your CV
xuk summer camp jobs looks great on your CV

It’s a summer job with a difference and that means the hours are not 9 ‘til 5. Each day your adaptability and ability to problem solve will be tested. Expect the unexpected! You might have planned the most incredible whole camp, outdoor activity, but suddenly the heavens open and you need to entertain the campers for two hours inside. Or you might be at Heathrow collecting campers and need to be in two places at once... this summer job will keep you on your toes!

Another similar skill to add to your CV will be conflict resolution. Our campers are great, young people, but from time to time, they can have disagreements. As part of your summer job role, you will be there to respond appropriately, demonstrating good judgement and resolution skills, ensuring they are happy campers again!

Something that sets working at a camp apart from other summer jobs is the amount of opportunities you will have to get creative. From teaching campers repeat after me songs, to coming up with team challenges for our annual Colour War, you will be able to let your creative juices flow. Not every idea will prove to be successful, but you will have the confidence to try things you might not have considered in the real world.

So there you have it, just some of the skills you will be able to add to your CV after spending the summer as part of our amazing team, at XUK Camps. And not forgetting the other things you will come away with – lifelong friends, memories, hundreds of activity ideas and the satisfaction that you’ve ensured hundreds of campers have had the summer of a lifetime!

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