summer camp job uk staff
summer camp job uk staff

XUK Camps Staff Feedback 2018

We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding staff team working at our camps. Every Easter and summer, we have lots of returners coming back for more and we welcome lots of new faces into the XUK family! Our staff go through a very competitive application process, including a lengthy application form and a thorough interview...

Our team members come from a range of backgrounds, including university students to qualified teachers! Every single member of the team brings something special to our camps which is reflected in the amazing feedback we have received from campers and their families!

As we know, there are lots of different options out there when choosing a summer camp. Why did our new staff decide to work at XUK Camps this year?

“XUK has been going on for many years and the amount of experienced staff I would get in contact with played an important role in choosing it, it was a great opportunity to learn new skills.”

Very established camp with many years of experience. The staff reviews seemed very positive and appeared to be a fun and friendly environment.”

“Mainly, upon recommendation from other people I knew who worked for the company. However once I had done my own research, XUK appeared to have the widest reach, campers come from all over the world and return for several years which infinitely impressed me.”

“The impression gained from my Interview Day was an important factor, as was the website. Felt I could relate well to the XUK key values emphasised online. Liked the family origin - helped give me a 'good vibe' about the company.”

best job for students summer camp england
best job for students summer camp england

“The XUK website displayed an array of information on both the functioning of the camp as well as potential staff roles. I applied as I was confident I could fit the job and the environment well.”

Working at a summer camp is tough, no matter which role you have. We stress at our interviews that our camps are a holiday for the campers, but we still like our staff to enjoy themselves...

100% of staff rated their job satisfaction as good or excellent.

One of our most exciting statistics to share with you is...

100% of staff would recommend working at XUK Camps!

Some of our staff have worked at other camps before joining the XUK Camps family. We are always keen to find out how are compare...

100% of staff said XUK Camps was better than previous camps they have worked at.

jobs for students uk best summer camp
jobs for students uk best summer camp

When asked why, they told us...

“Far better organised, better discipline and interactions with kids because of this, more varied and exciting activities, better management structure and training.”

“XUK looks after its staff much better and makes sure they are happy as well as the children.”

We asked our staff what the most rewarding part of their job is at XUK Camps...

“Seeing the bond that developed with children we only met for a short period of time, sometimes ever only one week.”

“Watching campers saying goodbye after the disco, it's so emotional and it makes you proud as a staff member to have been able to create a situation in which such strong relationships and happy memories are formed.”

top british summer camp staff
top british summer camp staff

“The kids telling me how much they'd enjoyed camp and my English lessons.”

“Working with children from many different backgrounds.”

“Seeing the children enjoy something you've put so much effort into... especially when you run an evening activity and it goes so well.”

“The relationships I have built, both with campers throughout the summer and staff members. I have had occasions in the past where I have found it difficult to make friends but my time at XUK has left me with friends I think I will have for a lifetime.”

“It's just great to see how well the staff come together to deliver something amazing.”

Thank you to everybody who completed our Staff Questionnaires. We really appreciate your feedback and cannot wait to see you soon!