Saturday Soiree

Saturday Soiree

It may not have been Cinderella's glass slipper, or Spain's World Cup - but, someone walked out of our Saturday night soiree with a grand prize, and others with great big smiles on their faces...Every week, XUK English is happy to have an end of week ball....

At each of these gatherings, the kids have a chance to socialize in a supervised but fun environment, where they can dance, and show off their talents and win prizes for the week.

Each week is themed, and this past Saturday it was "sailors, pilots and soldiers". We announce the "star student" of the week - the student who has shown the most progress, who is the most energetic, diligent and happy to learn English- and also, the team of the week.

The team that received the most points for the week was the green team, coming in with 160 points! Congratulations to the green team, everyone did a great job!

And the suspense was cut when the winner of star student of the week was announced as, Dunja Barasic, 9 years old from Switzerland. Good job, Dunja!

There was a talent show, and several of the students showed off their skills and talents...including Oscar, 11 from Paris, France who did a dance to Michael Jackson's "Smooth Ciminal".

And, Filip, 13 years old from Romania, showed off his magic tricks and left everyone in the room amazed!

By the time the talent show was finished and the awards for team of the week and star student were handed out, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" to two very lucky students, who happened to have had their birthdays this past week. Victor from Spain, who turned 13, and Adyl from Turkmenistan who turned 11.

There was cake and punch in the kitchen and next it was time to dance!

Emily, one of our activity and dorm leaders ran over to her Ipod and the speakers, and served as "DJ" all night, while the kids enjoyed jamming out to some of their popular tunes like, "We Speak no Americano" by Yolanda B Cool and Rhianna's "The Only Girl in the World". While some were busy dancing the night away, some of the kids instead opted to spend their time outside with some of the other leaders, playing games and joking around.

The "tuck shop" was also open, and the kids were free to go in and purchase some candy and soda for the evening, since it was such a special night.

At 10:30 though, it was time to turn off the lights, because the party was over...Sunday morning, the kids were tired from the fun night before, and they were allowed to sleep in a bit later than they normally would.

At 10:30 we all found ourselves in the dining hall, where we had the most delicious brunch prepared by our chef, and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday playing games and taking it a bit easy.We are very much looking forward to next week's social, when the theme will be "myths and legends".The "tuck shop" was also open, and the kids were free to go in and purchase some candy and soda for the evening, since it was such a special night.