Mini Minors day camps - 2010 changes

Mini Minors day camps - 2010 changes

This year, due to popular demand,we have made a few changes to our Mini Minors' day camp...

  1. The older group (7-13s) are now called XUK. And each afternoon at XUK the children get a choice of fun activities. See the website for more details.
  2. The age groups at Mini Minors are now 3-4s (as before) and 5-6s.
  3. We have updated our activities so they are even more exciting and challenging than they have been in previous years.
  4. We now have a security gate at Mini Minors which makes us all feel more secure. Don't worry though - this will stil be manned with friendly and smiley people each morning and at going home time.
  5. We have slightly altered our hours so the day now starts at 09:15, half day ends at 12:15, ful day ends at 15:15 and lates end at 16:15.
  6. We have invested in more equipment.
  7. For the first time, we are doing 5 weeks this year at Mini Minors and XUK!!
  8. Thissummer children born in August are able to join friends in the same academic year if they wish.

Despite all the above we have kept the same prices again to make our camps affordable for all. We accept all major credit cards, childcare vouchers, cheque and even cash if you prefer! Our job is to make life easy for you!!

Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions. We love to chat!!

We can't wait to see you at camp over Easter and summer...