xuk summer jobs uk megan robson
xuk summer jobs uk megan robson

Meet Megan: Summer Jobs in the UK

XUK Camps just can’t run unless we recruit the best staff team possible. We are always looking for the best to apply for summer jobs in the UK. They are made up from talented people who all bring their own unique experiences and personalities to camp.

Today we meet Megan, who is known at camp for her hard work, loving personality and very cheeky sense of humour....

Where are you from originally?

"Shropshire, and that’s where I live now!"

What do you do in life?

"I study Sport Science at Bangor University"

What are your hobbies?

"Playing Lacrosse, Netball & Swimming"

UK summer job staff megan robson
UK summer job staff megan robson

What is your role at camp & how many years have you worked?

"I’m the teen girl team leader in the summer. My job also involves running activities."

Tell us about your favourite moment from the summer:

"I love Paddleboarding! There is always a buzz with the campers when they are taking part!"

What do you love the most about XUK?

"It is amazing here in the UK seeing so many different people from different cultures making friends. That's what this summer job is all about"

Why should kids & teens come to XUK next year?

"To experience something they will only get from a job in a UK summer Camp. It is so special."

What advice would you give to a new member of staff?

"Don’t worry! Use the returning staff for advice and help. Get stuck in!!"

Thank you so much Megan. You are such an important part of XUK and help make it tick!

If you would like to be part of our UK Summer 2020 team, have a read through the jobs section of our website to find out more.