Fun Fashion!

Fun Fashion!

On Tuesday, the kids and staff were more than delighted to hold their second fashion show in the "Wales" common room here at XUK English!

It was a very exciting night, and the judges and audience members were pleased to witness some very creative designs, not to mention the excellent research, team work and English vocabulary that went along with the show! Each team was given a different theme: "safari", "magic", "seasons" and "Egyptian".

They had to create the outfits using bags, paper, cellotape, and they also had accessories, which they had created during their art period!

The students selected to be the models, walked down the "cat walk", and the remaining students of the group had to give an oral presentation about how they had come up with their ideas.

There were five students on each team, and the green and blue team tied! The points will be added to their point total for the end of the week, and the kids are really looking forward to seeing what their score will be, as we've had a tight race with all their tasks!

Special thanks to Amy who led and created the fashion show, and to all the people who were a big help in the making! Good job everybody!