Flapjack Friday & Saturday Social

Flapjack Friday & Saturday Social

On Friday the 5th of August, one of our team leaders, Amy, led in helping the kids prepare a traditional British oat bar made with sweet syrup and oats. Assisted by Steve - another team leader -everyone had a fantastic time baking, from scratch, flapjacks!

One of the last activities for one of our students, Vepa -from Turkmenistan, who left earlier this morning (Tuesday, the 9th) - had a great time preparing and eating the sweet snack!

Earlier that day, we had a special activity for the kids which was volcano making. The kids had a great time playing with the materials and posing for the camera – as you can see:

Saturday nights are always fun, but not as much fun as when prizes, awards and talent are involved! This past Saturday night, we had all of that and more!

Not only did the kids show us their stuff…but some staff did too! We had magic tricks, yo-yo moves, hand stands, singing and dancing!

First Umut, showed us his amazing yo-yo talent and had everyone applauding and cheering for more…

Next their was Sofya, who had first played assistant to Umut, but was now asking for his help as she wowed the crowd!

Then there was Adyl, who also showed us an amazing hand stand trick: Walking backwards that is!

Then we had the Samba, which was led and instructed by Christina, one of our EAL teachers from Brazil. Several of our teenage girls enjoyed the dance, and then also the encore which was requested by a member of staff!

Miss Lisa, was asked to sing a song for the show. She sang to Duffy’s “Mercy” on karaoke, and the kids cheered for their American teacher!

The kids finished up the show with hand tricks, hand stands and loads of hand clapping! But the highlight, as is every Saturday night, was the star and team of the week. This past week, we awarded Tomoki, 11 from Japan, as star student of the week, and the green team won team of the week!

The rest of the night was its usual Saturday night fun.Singing "Happy Birthday" to Arseyni, from Russia, who turned 15 last week!The music was particularly good, with a special blast from the past for the staff: “The Macarena”!

The kids and staff all stood together in a circle and began the choreographed dance from long ago! The kids and staff all equally had a fantastic night and were sad to say goodbye to those departing the following day. But, so happy we still have another exciting week ahead of us with the remaining students!