Exploring London with our Summer Camps


Take a second to think about what London means to you. To some, London evokes images of the Covent Garden piazza, scents of Brick Lane, or maybe the sound of Big Ben striking. The diverse and exciting Capital has a population of over 8 million and attracts nearly 20 million tourists every year! London is a city desperate to be explored and there are hidden treasures in every nook and cranny.

Discovering London can take the form of simply walking and listening but there are fun activities available for adults, children and teens. Interactive museums, the changing of the guard and relaxing in the beautiful parks; there is something for everyone and all attention spans… We believe that a stay in the UK is incomplete without a visit to London, and so we offer our children and teens a chance to make their own memories of the Big Smoke. We visit London with our English Summer School in Ipswich and our Activity Summer Camp near Norwich – keep reading to find out what fun activities we get up to with our children and teens at XUK English and XUK Activity.

Exploring London with our Summer Camps

At XUK English, we take our children and teens to London for the day on a study trip.

London is situated approximately 1-2 hours away from our English camp and despite the early start, our children and teens are always desperate to hit the road. Our study trip allows our students to see London life for themselves whilst completing fun activities to enhance their English. We explore the city from top to bottom, taste the food, listen to street musicians and witness history come to life before our very eyes, all while the children and teens embrace London’s culture and immerse themselves within the language.

We aim to see as much as possible throughout our study trip, and the fun starts early.... Did you know that the city of London is only 2.9 km²? Have you visited the street where the fire of London started? Or maybe spotted the house where Pepys once lived… These landmarks and facts are among what we see and learn before we have even got off the coach! We try to show the children and teens the London that they want to see. We want it to be memorable.

To begin, we disembark at Embankment; this is where our children and teens can view the River Thames and the London Eye. A short walk away is the perfect opportunity for a selfie with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament! We make our way through St James’s Park and towards Buckingham Palace. Our children and teens would love to see the queen, but she is not always home… still the guards are pretty exciting to watch. We continue to Trafalgar Square, where we see Nelsons Column and climb onto the Lions, after which we wander onto Leicester Square and finally to Covent Garden. This is is famous for its entertainers and the Royal Opera House –just walking around Covent Garden is a must- the atmosphere is electric.

After the tour and fun activities, we head back to our English Summer School for a BBQ in the sun – this is definitely one of our favourite days!

Exploring London with our Summer Camps

Children and teens at XUK Activity are offered the opportunity to visit London for the day as an optional extra. This option is popular amongst our children and teens as they have the chance to experience the city like a true Londoner, witnessing first hand the history and culture of the city, and maybe indulge in a touch of shopping.

After heading into the heart of the city, having already seen the location of Anne Boleyn’s beheading and the dragon boundary that marks the city of London, we arrive by Cleopatra’s Needle – an ancient Egyptian obelisk dating from 1460 BC! From here we make sure that the children and teens see as much of London as possible.

We visit many of the iconic buildings and places as mentioned above and then visit one of the world’s most sought after shopping destinations. Yes, if the children and teens want to explore the other side to London then we will take them to Oxford Street. We taste the food, participate in lots of fun activities and hit the shops.

After our busy afternoon we will then dine in style in one of London restaurants before we head off to see a famous West End show. The memory of the shows will last a lifetime and are a highlight of the summer – if you would like to find out what XUK Activity are seeing in summer 2015 please visit London West End shows.

If you would like to experience London with us don’t forget to add this as an optional extra to your holiday at XUK Activity!